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We had similar results as others. We prepped the surface correctly, applied the product correctly, and let it dry correctly. Unfortunately, now I'm searching for ways to remove the Deckover because it is peeling and flaking all over the place. I will not use Behr products again and hope others will look elsewhere too. Nobody should have to go through the financial pain and frustration I do.

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Several years ago we decided to use Behr to paint over our 12x20 front deck. I cleaned the deck better than instructed and took my time when applying. Initially it looked good but started peeling within one year. I've tried pressure washing it off but it looks scabbier and there were paint flecks all over my lawn and driveway. Now I'll be forced to either spend big bucks to rent a deck sander or replace the deck, which sucks, as I work 60+... Read more

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I had payed alot of money to do my decks and now they are peeling and look horrible i tryed scraping and redoing if you forget or cant get one little oiece off it wont stick peels off

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We are 74 + years old and have a 120'x8' deck to maintain. Deck Over looks great when first applied. The surface doesn't feel slick at any time. Can walk barefoot. In 3 years cracks reappeared, dirt won't wash off and paint left a powder residue that gets tracked in on outpr carpeting. But within a week to three weeks soil, dog prints, bird and bug droppings cannot be cleaned. It is a lot of work for us to maintain at our age. We bought... Read more

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Three years ago we decided on Deck over for our 120 ft long deck. We sanded off the deck. Applied a coat of primer. We applied 3 coats of paint because your paint went a lot further than advised. At $90/ bucket, we wanted to completely empty the pail. Three years later the deck needed repainting. The paint faded and now left a red powder on our shoes and feet that is tracked into the house. The cracks once covered by your paint has... Read more

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I coated my deck with behr deck over two years ago know my 12-16 deck is rotted. Before i used the deckover it was just weatherd know i have a rotted deck and out 150 dollars and my time i should of kept with the stain

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It is the worst product. In less than a year it has started peeling and bubbling. Their customer service was easy enough to deal with and will gladly reimburse me for the purchase of more product. However, it will require money and time to remove the defective product and recover the deck. A cost that they will not reimburse me for. Additionally I'm not confident that reapplying the product will fare any better. I should've done a more in-depth... Read more

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I have also used this product. Followed all instructions to a T. The decks were well seasoned, unpainted/stained, cleaned, etc. This product does not produce the advertised results. I have a wedding that is taking place here next spring and do not know what I will do, as I am disabled and cannot remove and repaint myself. It is going to cost a fortune to have someone come and remove this product and repaint/stain the decks. I hope the Behr... Read more

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We live in Chatsworth, NJ 08019. We purchased and applied Behr Deck Over, in accordance with directions, After hiring professional power washing company to prepare the surface. The Behr Deck Over did not last through the winter. It is peeling and blistering on all horizontal surfaces (the deck and stair treads). This product was very expensive and being retired do not have the money to get this removed, etc. What do we do now?? Read more

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Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint and primer PEELING after a week!
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The contractor painted mid-July. Within two days, very small patches were coming off. Today, mid Auguts, a month later,I saw a bit of painters taoe that was still oin the wall. When removing the tape, , the paint peeled right off with it. It is as iff the paint is rubberized and if I kept peeling the entire wall would peel off in one huge piece. I have also noticed small patches where the paint has come off with any minor interaction with an... Read more

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