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I used this product on my decks and have the same issue as many others. Peeling and rotting deck boards. I have used Behr Paints for years with complete satisfaction so I was completely surprised at the total failure of the Deck Over product. I too, followed the instructions and discussed with the sales person at the time of purchase at Home Depot. I assume they too were fooled by the claims of the product by Behr. I haven't contacted Behr yet... Read more

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  • 16 hours ago
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After one year it looks awful.....please dont buy joke

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Same issue as many others. Followed all instructions, waited until the treated lumber no longer beaded water anywhere. Waited a week before any heavy traffic or putting patio furniture back on, and no rain for two weeks. But after one winter it is pealinig everywhere, although I can slide furniture on it without chipping, it is peeling in the heavy traffic areas. Although no primer was needed, as per instructions, I would suggest that. But if... Read more

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  • Sep 24
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We out behr deck over in our new deck last year we followed detection to the tea Well it is all peeling and coming up I cannot find my receipt Very very upset

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  • Sep 23
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Used deckover about 2 yrs ago on my deck. The deck was approx 5yrs. It is rotting away Not satisfied with Behr Cost about 6k to replace. They offered $1340. Still looking at my options. Have located others with same problem

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J have used 3-5 gallon buckets of deck over on my deck & its AWFUL, chips & peels off! How can I get a refund? I can send you photos of all 3 of my decks, don't have all my receipts. Thanks, Tina

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I applied 11 gallons of this paint I worked for 3 or 4 days applying , it was not easy. Now it is peeling off in big strips and looks terrible, do not know what to do but buy more and try and fix it, not happy. I can furnish pictures if needed, this is not a good product. I painted on California Rustic and it looked nice at first but did not last it has been on only for a year, but started peeling within six months. I always thought Behr paints... Read more

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I would like full refund for failed, poor, mis advertised Deckover product sold and recommended by Home Depot! The Deckover peels off in huge strips and the deck boards are wet underneath and moldy. What a mess and difficult and time consuming to remove! Peeling occurred less than 3 months after applying it. I will never shop at Home Depot again nor will I ever buy any Behr product again unless you stand behind your product and issue a full... Read more

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Applied 3 years ago, exactly as instructed and it looked great. Last year it started peeling and bubbling. Contacted Behr, they sent me more product and instructions on what to do before reapplying. Followed those instructions. This year, again, peeling and bubbling. Even worse, have had to replace boards due to rotting.This product will not let moisture escape, which leads to rot. My deck was not old or in bad shape when I applied deck over. I... Read more

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Behr - Paint is peeling off my deck & looks disgusting very upset took a long time to do
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I cleaned the decks with cleaner waited 48 hours then swept the deck before painting. The decks were painted one coat let dry over night then 2nd coat applied, one deck at a time as to letting them dry for 72 hours after 2nd coat applied before walking or putting anything on top of them test it before we walked on it to make sure it was dry. There is also a 3 deck we did which it stuck to but that had all new wood laid first. No problem with... Read more

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