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I used Behr Deckover last year and my deck looks horrible. It took me days and days to apply it and now I can't even let me dog out back without her bringing chips of paint back into the house. It's peeling and chipping every where and the boards underneath are rotting. It is the worst product ever! I am so mad and want compensation!

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  • 1 day ago
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I applied Deck Over to my concrete patio in Phx after proper prep, I applied 2coats and I have to say, it's been great.... Perhaps the problem is only on wood in cold, wet climates... I realize it's marketed for wood decks... Just my 2 cents....

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I spent a great deal of money painting two decks with this garbage. One year later it is peeling off everywhere. Home Depot assured me that it was a great product that would last forever. I now am having to replace several rotted boards, pay for pressure washing again and when cured, repainted. It will obviously cost me more to fix the problem than when I initially paid to have the deck painted, as I am sure a lot of scraping will also have to... Read more

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Behr Deckover Deck Paint Review from Rome, Georgia
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Still scraping off old deliver so we can repaint/repair rotten boards. The fifty year guarantee is a joke. Paint cost over 150.00 for five gallons. Been scraping for a week now. Read more

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  • Oct 11
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Bought deck overr three years ago, now peeling up, wife spent three days trying to get it off deck. Very disappointed. Home depot said it would stand the test of time, good for at least five years. Not!

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we spent $150.00 on five gallons of Deckover paint last year for our deck.Paint was guranteed for 50 years..peeled off and boards now rotting underneath..this was in a year's time . Company sent new paint,but we are afraid it will do it we can't get all of old paint off...was going to rent a sander,but man there said the rubberized paint would ruin more belts on the sander than it cost to rent husband and i are old,and not... Read more

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Behr deckover is the worst product ever, we have had to repaint over our deck twice with the product because it peels over after one season. Do not buy this product, it is ***. You will have to pay big bucks to have it power washed off, sanded, and painted again with something better. If has ruined much of our deck. It peels off after one winter and summer. Behr resent us paint after the first failure, we had to power wash, scrap, sand and... Read more

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I was at home depot and run into BEHR salesman, told him I needed something for a slightly weathered deck he said he could fix me right up, we went around the store and he picked out cleaner that I needed to get the deck ready to put the deck over on ,then he picked out the BEHR deck over after I told him I had tried BEHR stain before and didn't care much for it but he assured me that this stuff was the best thing since sliced bread so I agreed... Read more

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Deck now is cracking , bubbling up warping Deck needs to be replaced . Deck was in excellent shape prior to using Deck over Just needed a refreshed look. No contractor will come out to repair. besides the fact Behr needs to pay for complete deck replacement as well as comp for aggravation my Parents have gone through. How do we get this taken care of who takes responsibility. Behr, Home depot or both My parents Deck is the one this happened to.... Read more

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Behr - Deck over chipping, peeling and now boards rotting
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I put this product down based on my pr virus experience and confid nice in the Behr range of paints. The worst possible id a I could have ever had. I followed the manufacturers instructions to a fault. When I contacted Behr that sent me anothe 5 gallon replacement but since then the deck boards have began to rot around the screw holes. I now am going to have to replace much of my deck. This is a hug expense as I will have to hair someone and... Read more

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