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Hello, I just wanted to give a little feed back and review of the behr premium ultra plus paint that I recently purchased from home depot. I bought 20 gallons of behr ultra premium plus and 10 gallons of behr ceiling paint to paint my whole House. The paint was garbage left wet marks all over the walls never laid the same finish and this is with multiple coats. I've used behr stains and love them but this paint is horrible and now I'm out of... Read more

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  • Jan 05
  • #985986

Deck over.. spent a lot of money for this product. Power washed, bleach scrubbed, and sanded deck. Painted with deck guard in August. It is now January and the paint is peeling and bubbling up. By summer I will have large strips peeling off. Didn't last 1 year. Very disappointed in this product. Will NEVER use Behr again

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I had this product put on my deck last fall and it began to peel by spring. Now I have multiple places that the deck over has completely peeled off. It's a shame you pay hat much for a product that does not last one year. What is to be done? we are in our 80 and the danger of slipping on this great when we have frost i the morning. When spring comes we will have to rip out all the decking and replace it because noting else will cover up this... Read more

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We carefully prepped the deck, including renting a power washer. Let the deck dry a week & applied the Behr in the recommended temperature. Put on a second coat. It looked good at first. We live in snow country. In the winter, the deck was shoveled every time it snowed. Come Spring, the deck had patches where the deck was bare of stain. By summer, we had large strips of bare deck. I went to Home Depot in Saratoga Springs, NY. They could not have... Read more

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  • Dec 03, 2016
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Peeling and chipping all over deck was a waste of money now have to sand

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Behr - Peinture DECKOVER Béton tour de piscine écaille de partout.
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Au mois de mai 2015, la Cie SOS Béton, de Victoriaville a sablé et appliqué votre produit -143 sur le contour de béton de ma piscine, cette peinture s'enlève de partout seulement après une année. Le coût de l'application de votre produit m'a coûté $4,461.03.... Que puis-je faire avec cela. Je ne suis pas satisfait de votre produit appliqué qui n'a pas d'adhérence sur le béton qui avait déjà été fixée en 2014. Alors le béton avait eu un temps... Read more

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  • Oct 28, 2016
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Spittle bit of frost and my deck turns into a slippery deathtrap

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Used it on two interior doors that were painted with the same low lustre sheen. Seven coats of this *** in white and the light grey is still not covered. It just seems to spread apart and not stick. When my fingernail touches the door when I turn the door handle, the paint and primer coat just scraps off. This is total garbage. Big waste of money and time. Now I have to either replace both the doors and the trim or else take them off and sand... Read more

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I used Behr Deckover last year and my deck looks horrible. It took me days and days to apply it and now I can't even let me dog out back without her bringing chips of paint back into the house. It's peeling and chipping every where and the boards underneath are rotting. It is the worst product ever! I am so mad and want compensation! Read more

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  • Oct 22, 2016
  • #941366

I applied Deck Over to my concrete patio in Phx after proper prep, I applied 2coats and I have to say, it's been great.... Perhaps the problem is only on wood in cold, wet climates... I realize it's marketed for wood decks... Just my 2 cents....

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