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We bought 6 gallons of the product and the 20 year old deck looked pretty darn good...until after winter. The product is blistering and peeling big time off the deck and the yard is a mess.

I've got a deck now that looks awful and dried deck over paint strips and chips all over my yard. I will never, ever buy another Behr product again and I will tell all my friends to never buy a Behr product again.

We spent hours applying the paint and not we' re faced with either tearing the deck down or sanding the deck over off and apply a better product. This was just and awful consumer experince.

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I have the same problems, I purchased prom Home Depot last year, start peeling off this spring, some stick some wont come off. I talk to Home Depot they tole me to call Behe and give me the 800 number. My deck is 20'x 40' redwood,


Behr DeckOver has ruined our deck and we have been trying to scrape it up where it has bubbled and cracked and every little piece that we get up has water under it and also has warped some floor boards!Type your message here


same here Brand new Deck 4 years ago , Painted with deck over peeled in one year sanded and painted again peeled again. What do I do?


I also used this product and my deck did the same thing, peeling off everywhere!


We used the Olympic brand and it did the same thing! Looks like crap chips all over the yard, sticks on shoes when wet , tracks inside on your shoes.

Just overall lousy product. Tried pressure washing to get it off the deck, got most of it off, but gonna have to get out the sanders, another pissed off consumer!


I have the same problem....applied Behr DeckOver...2 years ago,and now my deck looks like crap..peeling and cracking...not to mention rotted several places on my deck.so I started scraping it so I could at least save some of the boards....but I feel that with the warranty they have on DeckOver it was something good...not so much...now I have a disaster omon my hands...they should be responsible for the negligence of there product and replace our decks.


This Behr product is pure crap in our climate. Can’t get it off.

Tried sanding with a power sander using 36 grit paper. Takes the wood down but not where oatches of the Deckover remain.

Tried Behr deck stain remover.... doesn’t touch it.There should a class action lawsuit against Behr for customers who had problem with this product!


I totally agree..have the same problem and now my deck looks like crap and my deck is only 6 years old and put DeckOver on my deck in 2016.


Same happened here. Used Deck Over on my large deck and now it is a disaster.

Can't get most of the peeling nasty stuff off. Very disgusted.


I also bought Behr deck over and thought it was good .. initially.

They must not have tested this absolute garbage. I will never by any type of Behr product and it has actually steered me away from shopping at Home Depot.

The price that this product cost would lead a consumer to believe that you may get some years not months of coverage.I wouldn’t know since I haven’t been back to HD but I hope they are smart enough to remove this terrible stuff from their shelves. Don’t Buy Behr!!!


This stuff peels even with proper prep instructions done, it's a nightmare we've started scraping little by little,. Looks like we will be done removing this in ten years. And..they still sell this stuff, unbelievable!!!


Worst *** ever! Going on year 4 of this *** peeling off in chunks.

We have tried everything to remove the remaining paint. Nothing works! Our deck looks horrible. Our next step is a sand blaster.

Every time I go on my deck I get pissed all over again! Definelty don't buy this *** if you live where it snows!


I have the same problem just the wind blowing on it lifts it up and blows around the yard used it 3 years ago and was good last year applied it to lower deck and used the wash to the directions and in the spring lifts and peels in big pieces but the old one looks great last year must have been a bad year will never trust it again.


After reading all of these comments and some of the company's responses to the issue, perhaps a class action lawsuit is in order?

Here are my observations:

I think Behr developed this product with places like Arizona and deserts in mind because in the PNW, it is nearly impossible to get a truly dry deck!

What ever happened to the customer being right?

Why aren't these companies LISTENING and reading these comments.

I'm not going to be buying their products anymore with poor customer service or a product that can't be used is certain locales.

Just limping my old deck along until I am ready to replace it with a MORE DURABLE product more in keeping with the area: Trex and those kinds of products come to mind....Then, all I need to worry about is pressure washing once a year. Gotta do that with the house, so???????

BEHR, instead of being defensive and blaming the customer (some of us don't have the latitude to get what you'd define as a truly dry deck ~ wood takes weeks to properly dry in my area), why don't you be PROACTIVE and develop something that works universally in all areas, instead of shrugging us off? After all, isn't that good business???

@Whidbey Island Girl

Live right next door on Fidalgo Is. Going through the same thing you're experiencing. Looking for something to get whats left off the deck or I'll end up replacing the whole deck.


Yep. Same here and I am having a lot of trouble trying to remove it.


I also think it sucks I wish I knew it was garbage before I spent so much time and money on it ! Very disappointing


May as well add my two cents here. I stripped our 15 year old deck of all finishes (that's at least four layers of various stains and paints), washed it, dried it, and applied this stuff.

I made sure to follow the instructions to the letter and that the deck was dry, clean, and sanded before starting. The paint went on beautifully and looked great... for ten months or so. As soon as the first snow came, there went that beautiful finish.

As time passed it got worse and worse and we finally decided to strip it and start over. One problem--it won't come off! We've used a professional-grade power washer, a belt sander, and paint thinner/scrapers with no success! While about 60% came off, the rest is fused to the wood and taking it up is proving impossible.

This has been the worst outdoor painting experience I've had, and I will never buy a Behr product again. Just goes to show: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.


Pittsburgh Paints Revitalize is piece of *** also. Has ruined my whole deck.


Hey there! I'm in the same boat as you down to the tee.

I got 60% of it off but agree the rest is basically fused to the boards.

What did you end up doing? Did you just paint over it again or did you replace boards entirely?