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I spent quite some time looking at various paints to use for our home remodel project. After having dark wood paneling on the walls for 40+ years, it was time for a change. I could have gone with a cheaper paint, but knowing the age of the paint under the paneling, and the likely need for a primer, I selected Behr 3-in-1, paying a much higher price than other paints, because I trusted the Behr name. I had my contractors remove the paneling, and completely sand off the remnants of the paneling adhesive that was on the walls until the walls were completely smooth. (This was per the instructions on the Behr paint cans to prep the walls and remove any adhesive to avoid bleed-through.) They applied 2 coats of paint to all the walls, and they turned out beautifully - until 2 weeks later, when the lines of adhesive bled through...and then got progressively darker, week by week. So now, instead of dark paneling, I had nice bright white walls with dark gray streaks all over them.

I called the Behr paint company to complain, and was told that the adhesive remaining on the walls had reacted against the WATER BASED primer in their paint, and that's why it bled through - that the walls must not have been prepped properly to avoid this. I told them all the steps that had been taken to prep the walls - sanding off the adhesive, etc - and the Behr rep agreed that we had done everything correctly, and couldn't explain why this had happened. I was advised that I would need to go out and buy ANOTHER primer - Kilz oil based, not water based (nearly $30/gallon) and prime the walls again, then paint them yet again.

I was offered a free gallon of paint as compensation - and 12 emails, 5 pictures (including pictures of the paint cans w/the Behr name showing, the UPC codes, AND pictures of the paint cans w/the Behr name showing in front of the project), I may FINALLY have my free can of paint this week. (It takes them an average of 3-5 days to respond to emails.)

All in all, I am satisfied with Behr's response to this problem, and I have to say I did not have the most ideal project, of course. I was dealing with 40-year-old adhesive on top of 40-year-old flat paint on plaster walls - so I don't completely blame the Behr company for this problem, but when you follow all the directions, prep the walls, and pay a premium price for what is supposed to be premium paint, you hope for better results than we achieved.

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

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Behr is actually an ok paint, in certain applications. Sure, if given the choice between Behr, and Bennie Moore/Sherwin Williams, at the same cost, I'd take either of the latter.

BUT, if you were just painting a regular old wall (no special issues), Behr is available at any HD store and can easily be purchased by the budget-conscious homeowner (no trips to a specialized paint store are necessary). I've been a painter for almost thirty years, and in your case I would have gone for the least expensive of these options: An oil based stain blocker (such as Killz, although I prefer Bulls Eye by Zinsser - Rustoleum owned ), a shellac/alcohol-based primer (most expensive option - BIN by Zinsser is usually regarded by us painters as the best stain blocker on the market, but is about $50/gal), or a latex-based "Gripping Primer" (I like Gripper, by Glidden/$22 a gal. - used to be called AquaGrip I believe). As a homeowner myself, I would have painted a small section with the Glidden Gripper and waited a couple weeks (to see if there was bleed through) before painting the entire wall/room (latex is easier to clean up and has less fumes).

As a professional (painting in your house), I might not have that option, so I would have used the BIN Primer (because it's alcohol based, it does smell, but the smell dissipates very quickly (and I know it works!) ... Jeff C.


Thanks, Jeff C. - do you know if anything would work now that the wall has been re-primed and re-painted and the adhesive is *still* bleeding through?


Feel bad that you had to use a bad paint called behr stay away from that paint and paint with something better called not home depot behr paint and go with benmoore paint