Fair Oaks, California

I applied this to my new colored stamped concrete patio. The patio cost me $2000.

I was careful to apply a very thin coat with the driest roller possible, however it still dried milky white, ruining the look of the new patio. The product is mily white out of the bottle and then supposed to dry clear. I called Tech Service and they suggested applying a second coat. I did so in a small area, but that only made it worse.

I have asked to file a labor claim to have this product professionally removed. They said they would have someone from that department call me within 72 hours.

It has been over 72 hours. Bad product, bad customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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call customer service again. follow the instructions from the service teck.

This department will refund you the cost of the product and maybe more.

I know. Just listen and follow through and you will be reimbursed.


I use this product on the concrete garden leaves that I make. NEVER had a problem.

Great Product. Always follow directions.


I did find out that reading directions very carefully will bring a different outcome. I rolled on Behr low luster sealer in temps of 90 degrees and rolled it on to think.

As a result, I ended up with a milky film on portions of my porch. I read to sand the milky areas with sand paper than wipe with lint free cloth.

I'm going to do this that when the temp is below 80 degrees I will reseal the entire porch. The finish is beautiful on the areas that arent to thick.