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we took the advice of the paint salesman at Home Depot and bought this product last year for our 12 by 40 ft. Deck.

We did all the steps recommended and loved the way it looked. Since this is a summer home, we came back six months later, and it's a peeling horrible mess. We bought a power washer for $150 to remove it. No luck.

Just more of a mess. Got an estimate from a professional to sand and stain for $1200. My husband the Engineer, came up with the idea of removing each board, flipping it and re-attaching, then staining the whole thing. So...we have spent hundreds of dollars between the paint, the pre-cleaner, power washer and so far, about 3 full days of our labor and we are barely one third done.

It's backbreaking work removing every single screw and then attaching them again.

If there is a class action suit against Behr in the works, count us in!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Behr Cons: Quality of deckover paint, Deck over paint, Dosent do what it says it does.

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I had the same issue 200 sf of deck, I prepped for two weeks replaced a bunch of boards and at that point was tempted to stain again because it was in such great shape. I did the deckover and less than a season later it started pealing up, cracking etc.

I complained and reviewed and Behr contacted me to replace the product, supposed to be a new formulation.

However upon just now attempting to sand it off " IT DOES NOT SAND" it rips, shreds and peels up is parts but some does not come off, its a mess and will take weeks. There really should be a class action to get the labor covered by a contractor.


I've had the exact same experience. Yes, to a class action suit!

I have consulted a lawyer who advised to start with Small Claims Court and move on to a Class Action Suit if the former brings no satisfaction. If you want to know more, please contact me - wolfie154@roadrunner.com.


Very disappointed with this product. Blistered within a few months, a real mess, not certain how much t will cost me to remove this product...SHOCKED how little HD is doing for its customers.


Home Depot does f(expletive) nothing. They promote and sell the product and then tell their customers that they have to deal with the manufacturer.

We got a refund on the cost of the paint but what a laborious job getting the s(expletive) off the deck boards. Behr or Home Depot should remove the ***.


Home depot NEVER backs they products, left us high and dry way more times than i care to admit- our company no longer does service here. Doesnt matter where u go either- the end result it always the same - unfortunate


The most amazing thing about this is how many people are still flocking to the box stores to buy this ***. There are many different brands and they are all just as bad.

Why these paint companies are ignoring the real reason for all of these product failures is beyond me.

If I were you, I would Google "Behr Deckover lawsuit" and at least see if you can get in on the suit.

31 years of selling paint and I have NEVER seen such a rash of product failures. And it's been going on for 4-5 years and they are STILL selling the *** out of this stuff!

Why anyone would buy ANY paint product from these companies just baffles me.