Madison, Alabama
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This product is a piece of *** and worthless. We spent $115.40 on 3 gallons of this deck over paint and we had a hard time from the start to get it on the rollers and the paint brushes.

It took 3 days to paint all of the deck and we wouldn't let anyone walk on it for another 3 days. The first day we let someone walk on it some of the paint just starting coming off the bottom and the rails. Very disappointed in the paint. Not worth the money and time we wasted on doing this.

Now we have to try to do something different.

We should not have to go and spend even more money on something else when your product said it could do it and it did not. We want our money back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

Monetary Loss: $115.

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How did you prepare your deck? Did you apply the product in a temperature over 90 degrees?

Did you apply the product in direct sunlight? Did you use a pressure washer?

If you did, did you use too high of a pressure and beat the dirt down into the pores of the wood? If you did then the stain adhered to the dirt and did not adhere to the wood pores which could lead to 'flaking', since the 'stain' attached to the dirt.


You can get your money back just call behr :)


As a actual PROFESSIONAL contractor, I find these complaints to be absolutely absurd! I have used this product in both residential and commercial settings, and in some of the most hostile environments you could imagine and have had wonderful results with it.

Perhaps some of you homeowners should leave it to professionals and just stick to being a homeowner. It is obvious you don't read instructions. I also tend to believe that competition pays people to write negative comments.

If you can't do it, hire someone who knows what they heck they are doing.

@MasterCraft Builders

Master Craft Builders, your post is very ugly about people that cannot afford to pay professionals to do their work! We are very able bodied people that can "READ and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS", and we did not have good results from this product.

If we were in your area I would make sure that everyone knew how rude you are and if I could afford to hire a professional, it sure would not be your company!!! We painted our decks just 5 months ago and the paint is already stained, chipped and peeling.

We purchased over $1000 in products and I now have to go back through the long process of trying to remove this and redo with another product and it sure won't be a Behr product.


I liked the Deck Over, but I couldn't get good coverage with a roller, so I used a paint brush. My deck looks great!


Maybe you should read label directions


Behr has a pretty decent warranty on products - they will very likely refund your money if you call and complain about the quality of the outcome. Here's the # of their corporate HQ: 714-545-7101