Saint Joseph, Missouri
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I have 1492 sq. ft.

of deck. Went to Home Depot to buy stain for my deck, 2014. The salesclerk at Home Depot talked me into buying Behr Deck Over paint, instead of stain. Worst mistake of my life.

He told me it would extend the life of my deck for 10 years. It was supposed to last for 10 years. That was in the spring, by the end of summer it began cracking. I bought more paint and filled in the cracked areas.

The following spring, 2015 it had crack worse. I bought more paint and painted again, filled all the cracks. At the end of summer 2015, more cracks, I bought more paint and painted the cracks again. In the spring of 2016, I could no longer paint because by now my entire deck paint was bubbling, cracking, and peeling.

Water was trapped beneath the paint and the boards were beginning to rot. I was told by Behr that the only way to remove the paint was to sand it off. I called several companies to get estimates to sand my deck. They all refused and said it would cost more to sand the paint than to replace my deck.

Now I have to buy a new deck, which is going to cost more than I can afford to pay. I am sick. I am trying to get the word out to everyone I can. Do use this product.

I have contacted Home Depot and Behr begging them to stop selling this product. They try to tell me everyone is happy with the product but me.

After reading the review obviously not. They have hurt many people and caused them great financial loss.

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Premium Deckover Deck Paint.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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July 2019 Chatt., Tenn My deck is also ruined by deckover. Started peeling the first year.

I am having to scrape it by hand a little at a time. It won.t all come up so I don't know what to put over it. I can't afford new decking.

I will never use Behr products again. Deckover is still being sold despite these problems.


1,000+ square feet ruined. I am going to have to spend thousands to replace it thanks to this product and it’s false advertising.


Exact same problems!! Looked perfect for a few months.

Areas heated by the sun softened the stain, a shoe can tear it and it peels to bare wood. Application was done exactly as instructed, using all Behr products. 1 year later we applied an additional coat. This time the peeling worsened and revealed rotting of the wood.

This is like a covering of skin that traps moisture once you have a place that has peeled.

We have had to replace 35 boards this year and, at 65, I have been on hands & knees carefully scraping & peeling this terrible stuff off for weeks. So disappointing and so much expense & labor.


Same thing happened to our deck.... We are replacing boards little by little due to the size of it. It sickens me!


Same happened with my deck. Extremely poor product.

Deck was prepared properly. Trying to find solutions


May I ask if you if you ever got resolution from Behr. I have similar issue but worse my young son feel thru the deck - one leg only thankfully. Waiting for response since July 24th when I made board samples


I have seen on Youtube that boiling water will make it lift and then it can be pwashed.