Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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I was excited to try this new product from Behr, called DeckOver. It is supposed to have a "Trex" like rough surface and fill in cracks and splinters on our old deck.

It applied fine, just a little thick, but that kept us moving fast. We did two coats and followed all the directions. It looked and felt great when we finished.

Now the bad part.

In the first week it developed this white, milky residue that occurs when it rains, dew etc gets on the deck. It comes off when you scrub it, but it just keeps coming back everyday. It looks terrible. We are so disappointed and now I'm wondering what to do.

Hard to enjoy the deck with this milky white residue over our Latte colored deck. What should I do?

Paint over it? Or completely strip it and start over with another product?

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Behr told me to use rubbing alcohol on a cloth to remove the film. I was told that it should not return once the rubbing alcohol is used


I chose a really dark brown & the moment you step on it, whatever is on the bottom of your shoe now becomes permanent. No amount of scrubbing will remove the residue left behind.

I am so disappointed that I fell for there advertisement gimmick & am now in a position where I will need to spend more money and time fixing it!


I could kick myself for not checking reviews first before purchasing Behr Deckover!!! It's only been 2 days and where I lightly stepped barefoot, left footprints on the brown walnut color I purchased.

Tried to wipe the footprint with wet cloth and it left a smear as if I had used a paper towel. I am so disappointed - can't imagine what it's going to look at when my little dog starts to use it in a few days. Why on earth would Home Depot push such a product on me when they had to know their customers have been complaining big time!!! I don't even want to finish my deck with this product but I'm almost done.

I bet you can't even use porch paint on top of this stuff!!


what a joke ... rubbing alcohol to remove film on a 10x14 deck with stairs ... you would have to use gallons.


Same problem.


I am having the exact same problem on a chocolate colored stain on my deck...looked great until it rained and now its got this white milky water spots...sticks out like a sore thumb. Very disappointed...hope it can be fixed.


So I complained to Behr via their Facebook page. They said it was the surfactant (detergent) in the paint.

What you have to do is let it fully dry and cure, then power wash and scrub it with a mop or brush.

I did that and it worked for most of the summer. In the winter when the snow fell it left the splotchy white marks again.

Now I have to scrub it down once again. What a pain in the butt...I do not recommend this product.


I'm having the same problem here. What did you end up finding as a solution? Thanks!


Having the same issue with our deck project. Seems like the white splotches occur in areas where there tends to be shade and a little more moisture, like dew in the morning.


well i painted my log home with it and it looks great.fill all the little cracks .now i have a white film on it .