Angola, Indiana
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DO NOT buy it. We thought it was the solution to slivers our grandchildren kept getting.

Plus, I started medical issues and wanted a permanent solution to deck upkeep. We prepped the deck as instructed and painted as instructed but a year later it began peeling. Now we're trying to sell our house and have a mess on our hands. On top of it, when we were peeling it off the wood seems to hold water (dampness).

Am very concerned. Don't know how to fix it without a ton of work. Very disappointed. It cost us a fortune.

I'm sure it will cost us a fortune to fix as well. I wish there was an easy solution but my research indicates it will be a difficult task.

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Premium Deckover Deck Paint.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Am advised only way to remove adeck Over is by sanding! Goodbye $1000+!! Thanks Behr


"when we were peeling it off the wood seems to hold water (dampness)."

Given what you said above about the wood being damp, why are you blaming Behr? Sounds like you have a problem elsewhere, perhaps underneath the deck, eg., water retention from improper runoff, bad drainage, etc.

Wood that is constantly subject to moisture will cause the top sealing to fail. You need to inspect underneath the deck and see what is going on there. Perhaps the guy you had install the deck did a poor job in accounting for water drainage.

In any event, find out where the water is coming from. If you have a basement, any leaks or moisture near the deck area?

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