Fort Smith, Arkansas

I painted my 6 x 12 deck with BEHR Deckover paint and it has attracted tons of flies. My deck is around 10 years old and I have never had any problems with flies until now.

I bought a gallon of insect repellant , mixed some of it with water and brushed it on my deck. When it dried, the flies came back and are still after the paint. When the paint was installed, it had a strong ammonia smell to it, but that has since dissipated.

Not happy about the flies but the product is very nice however. I would recommend it to a friend.

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

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Maybe it's nature's way of telling you the product is a piece of ***


behr sucks and homes depot even sucks more. what a joke of both companies.

I bought kitchen and bath paint to do a home project. the paint no. is 7850. and they discontinued the product so now i have a half kitchen ceiling painted and need another gallon so good luck find the piece of ***.

label says lifetime guarantee soooooo much for that. now home depot won't honor the replacement and let me finish the job, instead they want to sell me another two gallons of a different item number they want to charge me for two cans. they should honor the *** product and sell me one gallon and give me the other for free since it was there error of the product being discontinued. what a f"in joke of these *** companies bulling the comsumeer.

customer service sucks at home depot and now i'll be shopping at LOWES from now on, because they honor this type of mess up. good luck crtappy companies.


Maybe have your wife remain in the house when applying the stain? Just sayin'.


You might be attracting cluster flies. Cluster flies are drawn to warm, light tan colored surfaces.

I have read that these types of coatings are warmer to the touch than ordinary stain. And the shade of the coating might be adding to the attraction