Thunder Bay, Ontario
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We paid a lot of money hoping this would help preserve and make our front stairs and back deck! What a waste of money!!!

Didnt even last a full year!

Bubbling, peeling, winds even blow it off!! And worst of all is if you walk on it, it actually sticks to your feet and gets brought into the house!! So disappointed and wish they would do something about it!

Don't know about anybody else, but i do not have extra cash to throw around like this! Check out the pictures,,,,absolutely disgraceful!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Deckover Deck Paint.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Most problems like yours are caused by improper prep, not the finishing product. I have used Behr products for many years with no complaints---but I always---always ensure I prep the wood according to directions.

You simply cannot do a hasty job of preparation and expect any product to work well.

I suggest you contact your new PM and complain. As soon as he gets his head out of the clouds, I am sure he will help you.


poor prep has nothing to do with these multitude of deckover failures. I have seen many,many jobs done by professionals, myself included, that failed in less then 10 months.

Saying it is a prep issue is just the way Behr is trying to cover their a55. That's why there are class action laws suits over this defective product.