Buffalo, New York
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I have had a frustrating experience - large peeling patches all over the deck, trying to remove the paint with a power-washer, having some areas stick and others come up and contractors saying I have to replace the deck! I've also had A TOTALLY FRUSTRATING EXPERIENCE WITH BEHR.

After promising to help correct the problem, they've done nothing. This has been going on for 4 months! Every call to them gets a very nice man who's obviously well-practiced in promising, but not delivering. I'm going to look into a CLASS ACTION SUIT.

There are many of us who are far more than dissatisfied. We're now stuck with the expensive prospect of replacing a deck that didn't need replacing before!

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See you feel the way I do pissed


Okay, it looks like lousy paint (or your deck wasn't properly prepared before painting).

And your contractor told you you might have to replace the deck?

{eye roll}

Paint can be removed......with paint *** or sanding.

It will probably take some effort and elbow grease but recommending that you replace the deck is ridiculous (and money for the contractor).

I'd try to get the store/paint company to pay the costs for new paint (another brand) and paint removal costs and then move on. They might settle for that. ****I have no dog in this race.


The deck was prepped exactly as the label instructed. I tried sanding, and I had a professional power wash.

You see the results. I've asked three other deck companies to come and sand and they've all refused. Why? Exactly what you said.

Too much work. Too much time. No guarantee it will all come off. This was from professional established companies.

"I won't touch it." was what one guy succinctly said. Behr will not cover the cost of removal. I tried that.

They will only reimburse me for $500 (the original product cost $350) and they demand I sign a paper releasing them of any responsibility. Nice.


thousands of comments and reviews online that are identical to yours and people are STILL buying that *** in droves. I'm getting to the point where i have absolutely NO sympathy for the people this happens to.

REAL knowledgeable sales people at REAL paint stores would never sell a product such as this which was doomed to fail from the day they put it on the market. Someone with REAL deck staining knowledge can tell you exactly why these types of deck products will inevitably fail, instead of just re-reading what is on the can to you to sell you on such a terrible idea.