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My deck was painted with Behr Deckover paint two years ago by a professional, the application of the product was followed to the letter per the instructions. After just one year there was peeling bubbling cracking and green algae all of which DeckOver claims it prevents.

I contacted Behr a year ago and the only thing they offered to do was to send me more of the same product to which I refused. I had sent them pictures as well as a receipt and if photo of the can and when I called them this year to try to get something out of them to fix my deck they claim they never received any of the photographs I sent them. I also got the runaround and was pretty much told by the person that was assigned to my case that I am mistaking bad reviews on the internet for some other paint brand and not Behr and that they are unaware of any complaints for their product.

I was told that they absolutely will not pay to have my deck redone. I am disabled and on disability and cannot afford to have to redo my deck every year or two.

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Deckover Deck Paint.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Behr makes a good product just like everyone else. Too many so-called professional painters have no clue about the nuances of the trade so when their work fails, blames it on the material.

The posted photos suggest to me that the painter either failed to allow the wood to dry thoroughly, used a highly alkaline cleaner that wasn't completely rinsed off then neutralized (both will cause blistering), over thinned the coating for spray application or simply brushed it out too far so the dried product wound up being a porous film and not a durable coating capable of resisting weathering.

Green algae will grow anywhere that has something it can feed on, such as pollens, saps, etc. Those will act as an barrier coat if the coating below has algaecides which will prevent it from deterring microbial growths.


Several class action lawsuits are springing up around the country against this defective product. California just filed their on June 15, Arizona will be next.

Penn. has filed as well I believe. Call Behr again and demand action.

Go to the Home Depot where you bought this defective product and demand they do something. You know they and Behr are connected, correct?


Sue them in Small Claims Court for the maximum which is $5,000 where I live.