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First time use of paint - used for repainting back deck. A very strange paint, i.e., very thick and emits off a strong ammonia scent.

Did not read in instructions to use outdoors only due to this strong odor. I can only assume that indoors use w/o venelation could be harmful. Paint is very thick and somewhat hard to use with roller or brush.

Called Home Depot about strong odor and paint manager agreed; said he gave lesson to customers once and definitily noticed strong ammonia odor & advised patrons to only use outdoors. Maybe Behr should have product label about strong odor & use outdoors only!

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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So what makes you think it would be used indoors, do you have an indoor deck? DUH


I spoke with a Behr rep today and he specifically told me the product *can* be used indoors with adequate ventilation. In our mountain cabin, the loft is tongue and groove planks.

The underside (ceiling for the main level rooms) is smooth, but the top (floor of loft) is rough and needs to be sealed. The rep said Behr Deckover would be great in this application as long as we opened windows, etc while applying it, and for up to 4 hours after.


We used Deckover on our old back deck last year and we have been extremely impressed with the result. We followed the directions exactly as written and waited days before replacing our grill and furniture.

The true test was how the deck looked in the Spring when the snow melted! This is the first year since the deck was built 23 years ago that there was no maintenance needed. The deck held up beautifully. No peeling and no need to repaint!

We were so pleased with our deck results that we just purchased the concrete cleaner/etcher and a gallon of deckover to do our front concrete porch. I think this is a great product. You need to follow directions and be patient with the application.

It is painting with a thicker acrylic and not the usual thinner paint or stain. We over bought for the back deck, which is why we are starting with a gallon.


Good for you. But most of us also followed the recommendations to the letter.

We didn't put anything on the deck for over a week. Power washed, let completely dry, pretreated with their own recommended pretreatment. Applied carefully, two coats, completely dry in-between. Snow melted...and touché!

Peeling all over the place.

HARD labor and expensive GARBAGE!


There may be a class action related to this stain: http://www.consumerclassactionlawyers.com/behr-deck-stain-class-action.html


It has been less than a year and Behr deckover is chipping in huge spots on my deck. The product is AWFUL.

I had it professionally cleaned and applied. If you search the internet I am not alone. This product is expensive for a lot of maintenance.

AVOID IT. :cry


class action investigation http://www.consumerclassactionlawyers.com/behr-deckover-stain-class-action.html


I have had the same experience and after 1 1/2 years I am removing the DeckOver and plan to paint or stain with anything but a Behr product. It is hard to remove in some areas and other parts are peeling off in large chunks. This product is not worth the money and I wish I had used a less expensive product and expected it only to last 2-3 years, instead of this one that claims it is good for 10 years.


will never use behr products again, for interior will stick with Pratt and Lambert, never used the deckover but used Behr interior paint, bubbles and runs. Pratt and Lambert went on smooth and covered well.


its a *** deckover its suppose to be used outside on decks not inside on your living space maybe if a little common sense had been used and you had noticed the advertising brochures on the product you would see that not one of them shows it being used INSIDE. Sounds like you screwed up not the product


I would assume that a product that is called deck over, is to be used outdoors. Maybe I have my deck in the wrong place, mine is outside of my house!


this product is slipper :cry y when wet, hot to bare feet on a hot day, and stinks.


I prefer behr paint above all others and am very anxious to try ?the deck over. Tired of constantly redoing 2 decks and I have faith in behr and believe their product will do the job right.


You used it outside and complain that it may be too stinky to use inside? ***. You didn't read the instructions because the odor was too strong? I had no idea that smell affected one's reading abilities. Did you try reading the instructions with the LID ON THE CAN?

I assume you have a lot of time on your hands if you actually complained about smell and that the paint was "strange". What do you think your wife says behind your back about you?

God I hate ***


You can't fix ***! :roll


I just saw an add in a magazine for this product. In the lower corner of the add it states "Works equally well on concrete".

It may lead to someone using this product to cover there concrete basement floor. Anyway I will be looking into this product for my outdoor deck.


well it is for outdoor decks and patios


We started our two level deck yesterday and this stuff so far is great! We are only double coating the floor of the deck, not the rails.

The smell is not too bad and it covers very nicely and does what it has advertised!

Do not listen to some of the ill informed - your OUTDOOR deck will thank you! :)


it is for DECKS! how many indoor decks do you have?


Did any body think that someone would like to do their garage floor witch is indoors! Talk about a bunch of knuckle heads...