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My 800 sf deck is a mess. I followed Behr and Home Depot's instructions to the letter early last summer.

We bought 12 gallons as recommended. The paint application was difficult as it was so thick. When finished it looked fantastic. Like others have said, the paint lifts when you move deck furniture, etc.

Well, after one winter, the deck is total mess. We have been peeling it by hand all this summer. We complained to Home Depot and they accept no responsibility and said we have to deal with Behr directly. They obviously know they have a disaster on their hands.

They probably won't go the route of a recall, just address each customer on an individual basis. We sent pictures and a description of what we did and they gave a complete refund for the paint. I can't believe they are still selling the ***. Every time it rains the next day the paint lifts more and peels off in large pieces.

The boards appear darker under the paint after peeling it which tells me that the paint is letting moisture through. We are going to continue peeling the paint by hand and with putty knives until it is mostly all off then we'll pressure wash and a final sanding. We probably won't finish until sometime next summer.

Then we'll buy a top of the line recommended stain probably from Home Hardware and do just a small section to make sure it stays put. THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME I HAVE USED A 'BEHR' PRODUCT (I thought Behr was top of the line, guess I was wrong) - I'LL NEVER USE BEHR AGAIN AND I'LL DEFINITELY TELL EVERYONE WHAT I THAT OF THEIR PRODUCTS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Behr Pros: Refund issued without any problems.

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Couldn't agree more, every spring I can peel most off by hand. I have no choice but to reapply and repeat the same thing every year. This product is terriblf


I think nearly everyone who had the misfortune of using Behr Deckover has the same issue. It is a failed product and I am having to replace all of my deck planking because of it. Never buying Behr products again.


yeah, this stuff is a b--ch. in order to get more than 1 season out of it, you have to scrub it in every crevice, every wood grain, and scrub scrub scrub it in between the boards.

You have to basically hermetically seal the deck.

You can't just 'paint' the deck. And if you think the application is bad and the results are bad, you ain't seen NUTHIN until you take it off and start over


we foolishly painted the porch, deck, stoop, and picnic table. It's all peeling off. The wind is actually blowing it off the porch.