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I used the Behr 1 part epoxy garage floor paint on a client's garage floor. Floor was sanded and cleaned thoroughly.

No traffic was allowed on floor for 96 hours. Floor looked fine and client was happy. Received a call from client several weeks later and was told that the paint was "coming up". I went next day and inspected, expecting intercoat peeling from clients description, even though I couldn't understand that with the prep work done initially.

After onsite inspection, the paint was not coming up or peeling, it was stuck tight. What it was doing was dissolving where water was dripping on it from the car's a/c drain. You could actually take your finger and work it up like water colors. Product also marked very easily from car tires and foot traffic.

Complained to HD store where purchased and was pretty much dismissed as being something I did. After heated exchange was told to contact Behr paint rep, which I did.

Asked the rep to come out and take a look at problem and was told that he didn't do house calls! I have been a paint contractor for 30 years and have had issues with products on occasion, but the one thing I will guarantee you is that if you have an issue with Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams, someone from the company will come and look at it and try to work with you.

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I painted a front door, fiberglass, with a custom brown color BEHR Premium. It immediately blistered.

I had prepared the door for painting etc as I have many times before and with never an issue. I contacted BEHR and was told that the factory primer was not compatible with BEHR and I should apply BEHR primer prior painting. I cleaned up the door and applied the BEHR primer. 24 hours later I applied the paint.

Approximately three hours later it began to lift and blister. I contacted BEHR again but this time was asked about the humidity during painting. I told them it was approximately 60%. ""Aha" they said"", that was the issue.

I then stripped the door and repainted it with SHERMIN WILLIAMS! Absolutely NO ISSUE.

BEHR Paint - not in my shop!