Garland, Texas
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This disagreement has been going on since November of 2013. It took me six months to prepare the room and only one hour for Behr's texture paint to completely ruin it.

After I put the textured paint (sand texture) on the walls, within an hour it started to crumble off the walls. So now there's texture in some places but not in others. I called Behr's claim dept and spoke with Norman Roy. He tried to convince me that it's "normal" for the texture to come off the walls.

Then I asked him what is the point of putting texture on the walls if it's only going to fall off? He had no smug comment to give. Then he asks me how much money would I take to settle this issue. I told him I am having surgery done on both hands and can not physically redo the work.

Then he asked for photo's of the room and a photo of my receipt showing that I had purchased their product. I spent hundreds of dollars on supplies and tools to complete this job. Then he asked me to get 3 quotes and send them to him. It's not a high paying job ($2500) so just to get 3 quotes took several months.

The contractors kept telling me it isn't worth their time. I found Mr. Roy to be a very sarcastic person that speaks down to people. So I called back and spoke to his mgr.

Blue is her name and she was just as bad if not worse then Mr. Roy. When I mentioned that York is NOT a neutral party she said she didn't want to get hung up on words and proceeded to tell me that my claim has not been approved, a York adjuster will be coming to my home and to keep in the back of my mind that this claim has not and may not be approved. I do not believe that Norman or Blue have EVER done this type of work.

It's a very labor intensive job. I should have told Norman that my time and effort over the six months it took for me to complete this room is worth six months of his salary! Behr products are just *** and I will NEVER buy their stuff again. There's a reason Home Depot STOPPED CARRING THIS PRODUCT!!

I plan to file a complaint with the BBB.

Too much BS for me.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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