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My husband actually talked me into painting our entire house with Behr Paint. I actually like the Paint and Primer in One and it turned out well.

So, once primed we bought all 30 gallons of Behr Ultra including flat and eggshell. My complaint is not with application of the paint or the finished result. Initially, I was very happy with the results I got. However, once all the construction guys were out of the house, there were many touch up areas needed from where they rubbed the walls too hard, or gouged out some spots.

This is where the trouble really began. I had to prep walls again with putty, primer then paint. Once the paint dried, it looked different - like you could tell it had been touched up! I used the same brushes, rollers, etc., that I had used when I painted the entire house.

I questioned my techniques, but knew I did everything right. So, I called Behr and was told I would achieve the final results in 30 days. So, that agreed with the documentation. Several months went by and the results were the same.

I was in disbelief. All of my hard work painting an entire house and the job looks like ***. If you look at the walls from a side angle with the light showing on it, you can see exactly where all the touch ups were - didn't matter if they were eggshell or flat - just terrible. I had to re-paint one entire room because there is so much light streaming in - I am just pissed.

No help from Behr, I was watching one of the handyman shows and I found out the answer as to why there is a problem. It is very hard to achieve the original result once some time has passed due to the oxidation effect of the paint. In my case, I waited for all contractors to be out of the house so that I could wash, prep and paint the touch ups. Too late.

The leftover paint which was marked on the can room by room and kept under conditions noted on the can, still obviously oxidized to the point that even though only a few months passed, the paint quality deteriorated. Of course, this is not noted anywhere in the documentation. This was not the end of the problem. Where I didn't have any touch ups, I washed the walls with PLAIN warm water to knock down and clean off all the construction dust.

I always use the "right tools for the right jobs". Well, all the paint - ALL streaked after washing. I thought I was losing my mind. I re-washed again first in a left to right then up and down with a soft cloth.

All the walls are now streaked and nothing I can do. This paint does not clean up well. Very expensive lesson learned.

Some years down the road, I will research like mad and buy the very best paint possible and start all over again. I am just pissed that I have been duped.

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

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During each of my subsequent uses of these Behr paints, I used a mechanical attachment on my drill to stir the paints to ensure that all the solids were thoroughly mixed as well. In my largest room, that I must re-paint, I will be researching and using a different brand. I will re-paint the entire house eventually, but can't face doing it all over again all at once.


reviewers elsewhere complain of "color change" if this paint is not stirred VERY frequently during application