Livonia, Michigan
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Bought 2 gallons of the above...did everything suggested....did NOT cover white on white I must put on a second coat....what gives? I am not a happy camper...I am 77 years old and 2 coats of paint is more than I can advertised that one coat would cover using the primer and paint combo....this is NOT true....false advertising and a very unhappy person sits here today....what can you do for me?

I probably have to hire someone now to get up and down on the ladder and paint the second coat. Please advise.

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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Ditto: I have been a professional painter for 45 years. This Behr stuff is trash.

Takes at least 2 coats to cover a lighter wall.


Benjamin Moore Paint Dealer

Yeah the paint & primer in one is an ad gimmick. Kinda like a "previously owned" car instead of a "used" car.

It just sounds better, like you are getting something extra. Any quality 100% acrylic paint will prime itself as you apply it. If there are specific areas that you want to prime--smoke stains, nicotine, mildew, etc., do yourself a favor and actually use a quality primer first.

Moreover, and I am obviously biased as a competitor, Behr paint is not a high quality product.

It has great advertising thru Home Depot, but it is not a good paint. Any professional painter who pushes for Behr I always question their motives. Most wont even bid a job with Behr as the paint.

There are good paint companies out there--Ben Moore, PPG, Porter, Sherwin Williams for example.

But, as a general rule, if you can buy it in a hardware store & not have to go to an actual paint store it is probably ***. Just My Opinion of course.


Behr paint with primer does not really have primer in it they say that on there cans so you would buy it because it says it has primer in it but it really does not.


I did my deck in Sept and in Jan the paint started peeling. My deck is a mess and this paint was to cover for 5 years.

NOw it has to be scraped and repainted. Now what ?