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This paint is toxic and banned in many states. Please don't use.

We have a claim with Behr (Masco) against Behr Premium Plus Ultra after my husband who was painting developed symptoms of hives, breathing difficulties, coughing, rash sneezing, watery eyes and dizziness. He could not use the 2nd gal of paint. Behr claims rep admittted paint is prohibited in most states and that they needed the old can to sample, which could take weeks. I am in the home all day and developed severe symptoms, similar to my husband.

Reported Behr said to contract painter (at my expense) to cover with KILZ Max (which they also own) but painter refused job, stating it is toxic and they don't do Behr paint jobs. Said opening with Con. Protect.

Agency and get copy of the Safety Data Sheet for this product. It is toxic, please don't use this paint.

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Premium Plus Ultra Wall Paint.

Reason of review: ILL FROM THIS PAINT .

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Behr Pros: Opened an immediate claim.

Behr Cons: No resolution to health effects, Selling unsafe product.

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I think the posts downing you about your post are from a social media company they've hired. Every post on this subject I've seen is met with the same hostile response.

I too am having some complications from Behr Marquee paint. My symptoms (allergy and asthma) are going on their second month. I just can't bring myself to cover the paint though, because it looks so good. I'm hoping this is nothing serious beyond allergies, but I've been leaving all windows opened during the day to air the place out.

How long did your symptoms last (This is also something I've noticed across this subject. No one can ever answer this question.)?


you aren't very bright are you? Every manufacturer makes paint that is "banned" from certain areas of the country.

It has absolutely nothing to do with the paint but the EPA air pollution regulations that were started in the mid 80's. They have absolutely nothing to do with toxicity but apply only to the release of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere Eventually the entire country will be under these regulations. I have been in the paint business for over 30 years and believe me, I am no fan at all of Behr. But what you are saying is convoluting the truth to meet your agenda, and nothing less than a complete lie to try to start a law suit against Behr.

This is why no legitimate entity will listen to your complaints. The EPA knows exactly what is in Behr paints as they do any other paint brand, and they do not find anything in their paint or any other on the market that is even as remotely toxic as you claim it is.


bull. Behr isn't "banned" anywhere. Stop lying and someone may believe you.


Yes it is for states have environmental laws. READ the can.

I was emphatically told by Masco that certain lots of paint, where it is made is banned in certain states. For instance Paint made in their Texas plant cannot be sold in several states.

Again READ the can application- says you need to wear gloves and mask and can a multitude of health problems.

They are not denying our problem, they just don’t have pro contractors like SW or BM to come fix the problem

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