Union City, Pennsylvania
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On 5-21 I purchased 2 galons of the primer-paint by Behr paint. The claim is it will cover anything?

We cleaned the walls and applied 3 coats of paint to each and the magic marker writing that was on the wall showed through as if we did nothing except change the back ground! I must say I'm very up-set the paint did not do as advertised!

What will Behr paint do for me @ $37 per gallon?? Will any rep from Behr actually see this and try to make the little fish in the big sea happy?

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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what does up-set mean?


I found the same, it does not cover, get's thick quick and it's the 3rd time I have tried! Even their stain get lighter quick!

I will not buy Behr again!!!

It takes a lot of time to paint! :(


For dark marks you need to use kilz primer then paint over it it does not matter what paint you use it will still show through if you don't use a good primer.


People who paint beige over beige and care more about getting the job done quickly than getting it done right will love Behr, but don't expect anything good from it. You get what you pay for.


Behr paint did NOT cover light green (Behr) paint even tho we were going to a dark sunflower yellow. No marks or marker, just paint.

3 coats and I still am seeing green.

YES, we used good quality brushes and rollers. This was my last BEHR purchase!