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I bought 2 gallons of Behr paint ultra from Home Depot. Dark Pewter and Riesling Grape.

This I applied to the walls of my Grand daughter's room on August 28 2014. I kept all windows open during the day and night. The fumes are still there. No one can sleep in the room.

I called Behr Paint and the 'Rep" said I should use "Kilz Max Primer' I then said to her 'why should I do that'. (As a mater of fact why should you apply more chemical on the walls? It just does not make sense). She said then use a fan to circulate the room.

She also said that paint takes 4 weeks to dry properly. They surely don't have a proper solution. I have been running a fan daily ever since and the smell is still there. I will be calling Behr paint again tomorrow.

They will surely have to deal with the problem for I will not let it rest.

There should not be fumes for this length of time. Resident of Winnipeg,Manitoba, Canada more than "Pissed"

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

Monetary Loss: $115.

Preferred solution: I will discuss it with the company and we can come to a solution. Than I may ask for a full refund.

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Hi, my name is Chet and I run my own business as a handyman and painter in Colorado. I am currently dealing with the Behr Corp in regards to the adhesive nature of the paint and what it does to your skin.

I am also concerned with the fumes emitted over weeks if not months during the so called curing process. I dont have proof but I believe they have issues with bad mixtures or perhaps all of the paint is this bad.

The soap and water cleanup for your skin is simply not true. In time I built up a clear adhesive film on my hands that I had thought I washed off at the time. I am planning to take this issue to the Consumer Product Saftey Commmison whom I have already contacted.

I have not filed a official complaint as of yet until I feel I can no longer go further with the Behr.

I have alot of info I can share. Feel free to contact me at fixxitman72@aol.com I would like to form a group of folks that have had questionable health related problems with the paint and make some changes.

This is not about a big lawsuit, its about responsibility or lack of. I have been lied to and mislead by Home Depot and Behr and I have had enough of it.


Um, perfectly normal to sense paint fumes for that length of time. You are wasting your own time and getting your own blood pressure up if you call them again.

The killz primer was a good call, had you primed the walls before applying the paint. Maybe you did not read the instructions before painting. Any and every paint job must be primed for a proper finish or there are side effects, including more odor than expected.

But I am not here to teach you how to read paint cans. By the way, no one cares what shades of paint you purchased.


wow Jax your a obnoxious ***. Been sniffing the paint can again havent you.