Bought three 5 gallon pails of behr white paint on the advice of a very helpful and polite home depot paint magr. The cost was close to 95.00 each minus a 20.00 rebate .I was told it was just one step down from the very best.

It is by far the lousiest paint i have ever used. It cannot be stopped from running, and i am on my third coat and it is still not covering. I expected much,much,better than this.

I used a gallon of Behr, bought at a ace hdw.store some 12 years ago, and it covered a smoke encrusted room in one coat. Boy was i suprised at the difference to what i am using now.

I can only assume that home depot gets their prices somewhat affordable by ordering in cheaper made paint, maybe just for the sales . I know i will never use behr again, and will look at any further products from home depot with a much more discerning eye.

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I agree, years ago it was a much better paint and now it can sit on the shelf with the rest of the **7*&ty paints. You paid a little more to buy it back then but now they figure it sold itself so we no longer need too.

So now cheaply made and still cost the most to buy. Unfortunate....they could have kept their good name.

Marietta, Georgia, United States #1355931

I'm using it now and am really upset. It drips more than any paint I've used before.

And it doesn't cover well at all. I thought it was the brush at first but I'm now on my forth one and it's not the brushes.


Back in the 90s I used to paint with Behr and never had any trouble one-coating a room, even if there was a different underlying color. Then they brought out this fancy $40 "paint-and-primer" stuff.

Now I can't get away with less than 2 coats even on a similar color, never mind if it's spot-primed underneath. Will not buy it anymore.

I am writing because I am THAT upset at Behr Paint and the fact that I have basically wasted the Summer attempting to paint a 2 family house that I own in Concord, NH. I've owned the building since January of 1984. I lived there from 2/1984 till I bought my present location in the Spring of 1996. This was not my first effort at painting this building over the years; in fact this would be the third time that I've painted it so you may agree that I should know which end of the brush to grab.

Behr Paint needs a "Smackdown" as their Flat/Finish paint borders on criminal. I hold this opinion not just based on my experience but also because I'm hearing basically the same thing from way too many people about how Behr Flat Paint will not cover if you held a gun to its head! NOT everyone but most(some have no Behr experience, lucky them)!

This journey started early in the Summer of 2012 with the decision to go with Cranberry as the primary color with "Saffron Strands" intended as the color for all the trim. My initial purchase at Home Depot, via Home Depot staff, in that first transaction, I was sold a few gallons of oil based WHITE Primer to go with a couple of gallons of the Cranberry Premium Satin(this known to them as my intended finish color). Upon application of the White Primer on three(3) sections, starting at the back left corner and coming forward, I then applied the Cranberry Satin to these 3 sections. HORRIBLE! First, I did not like the look of the Satin finish at all. Second, it did NOT cover the White Primer well. It did NOT look like Cranberry, it looked more Pink or, at best, Red; that's FOUR coats of paint meaning that I, me, painted that section 4 TIMES so far!(1 Behr White Primer(oil based), 1 Behr Cranberry Premium Satin, 2 coats of Behr Cranberry Premium Flat)).

Back to Home Depot to buy the Behr Premium Flat Cranberry, armed with some digital pictures of initial Behr Cranberry Satin effort. In this transaction Home Depot sold me a couple of gallons of a Gray colored oil based Primer and a couple of gallons of Cranberry Premium Flat. The front of the house has been painted 3 times: 1 Behr Gray oil based Primer and 2 coats of Behr Cranberry Premium Flat. From afar it looks done, it looks more Cranberryish. Neighbors are starting to warm to the intended, sort of, Cranberry color UNTIL I invite them up close, like in feet away rather than from across the street. OMG is a common exclamation! That's when the "Blue Hue" becomes visible to the masses! That's when you can stand there and see THROUGH the paint, NOT look at the paint!

To show I'm trainable - I do go to Lowe's and Aubuchon's in an effort to buy a Cranberry in whatever paint base they offer. To my surprise they have the Behr formula in their computers for the Behr version of Cranberry(UL100-4)! Whoppy-Ding! BUT, they cannot reproduce it in their base because the amount of pigmentation required would overflow their can. %$#@! The paint guy at Aubuchon's said that he gets more complaints about Behr Paint than any other manufacturer. He declared the Behr product to be, "Colored Water"!

Back to Home Depot and, in an effort to paint that very first section near the back left corner, which I have purposely avoided, I buy 2 gallons of Behr's "Cadillac" of paint, their Behr Ultra, getting one at 1/2 price. The ads on TV say that it is a primer and a paint in one and that it will cover everything! WRONG! They are getting the drift that I am NOT a happy customer but I'm in this up to my arm pits!

In the above visit, armed with yet more digital pictures, I am verbally beat up to call Behr's 800 number. I go home and paint the right side (front half, leaving one section not yet primed near the back) using Behr Gray oil based Primer. When done with that I decide to act on Concord's Home Depot's urgence and call that 800 number(see can). The party that I speak to wants to know how much paint am I putting on each insertion of the brush into said can and how many linear feet am I trying to cover with that load of paint! Really? True! I mention the "Vertical Streaking" seen in some digital images and this party claims that it is because I am using a brush rather than a roller! Really? True! I mention that Concord said that Behr would send someone out to inspect this project, seeing via the digital images how bad it was, and she basically said that they were lying, Behr NEVER does such a thing! I ask for an e-mail address to which I want to send 5 separate e-mails with but one picture and one topic each. She gives it to me and I send off 5 e-mails. I print those e-mails off and go to Concord's Home Depot and share the content with paint staff. In one of those e-mails I do mention that she called them liars and with that there was steam coming out of Concord's ears! They immediately pick up the phone and call someone and get off and tell me that someone will contact me in a day or so!

The next day I grab that Behr Ultra Cranberry Flat and paint that back left side, an attempt to cover that last remaining section from the initial Behr Cranberry Satin effort. Upon finishing I see that their "Cadillac" offering is more "VWish" and put everything away, drive home, about 1 mile, and grab a one inch brush and my digital camera and head back to Badger Street. I grab the one gallon of "Saffron Strands" that I bought for the trim and I put an extension ladder up on the front bow and I commence to paint the sign, "NEVER EVER BUY BEHR PAINT" at the 2nd floor level on the front of the bow! I take numerous photos and head out to Target to have them turned into hardcopies. I drive down the street to Concord's Home Depot and drop off two pictures; one of the entire house showing the sign, one of a close-up of the sign so that they will not think it is via Photoshop(see brush strokes) and my Business Card and I tell them this is the end of our discussions. On the way home I stop at Aubuchon's and drop off two photos and make his day!

I get home and upload the images of the house and the sign and send them to the Behr Paint's e-mail address, labeled as #6. Within TWO(2) hours of doing that I have a claimed to be executive on the phone wanting to talk. I'm unsure if this call was due to the e-mail or my visit to Home Depot, not made clear in following conversation. A "Nick", who REFUSES to give me his full name(Chow?) nor position within the company nor department represented, is on the phone! A real class act! Nick wants to reimburse me my total paint expenses to date AND GIVE ME enough paint to finish the house! What part of terrible do you not understand Nick? I'm done painting that property with the Behr product, the final coat will NOT be via Behr, NOT via my hands and time if Behr. He seems wounded! The following week a "Paul" calls me and tells me that he works for Nick in the Tech Services Department of Customer Services at Behr. Based on the calling number I'm guessing that they are in CA and not their site in Washington State. Paul tells me that they are going to hire a Professional House Painter to inspect the property/project and that party will call me. A few days later I get a call from one "Peter H.(I'm withholding his full name and the company he owns)" and he agrees to come Friday October 5th at 11am.

Peter saw the "Blue Hue"! He THINKS that it is the Gray Primer showing through even after two coats of Flat on top! I do NOT agree. If that were true then that would be saying that Behr is as terrible as I think it is as it would be saying that after two coats the base Primer still shows through! I shared with him the following - while in my local Mom & Pop buying my Lottery Tickets for Wednesday night, I was updating "Jimmy" about what was going on. A guy I had never meet before, who was literally there delivering newspapers, heard me mention Behr Paint and he chimed in that Behr Paint would not cover anything. He went on to say, remember, without me saying anything in front of him, "That if you drag your brush across that which you just painted, within about one minute, you are left with a BLUE HUE on that which you just painted!" Honest ***! I told the guy, "I don't know you but I love you already!" He left with a picture of the house showing the sign as he wished to show it to his adult son whom he had tried to talk out of using Behr paint on his house!

Peter took the requested pictures(by Behr) of the 3 different cans of paint involved(Premium Satin Cranberry, Premium Flat Cranberry and ULTRA Flat Cranberry) and the labels on top of the cans showing the formulas used. He could NOT believe that the left side front(as seen in the photo of the house w/the sign) and the front were of the same color/formula but they were! He took various pictures around the building, most showing the lack of coverage and some of the Blue Hue. He was to make a report to Behr in which he said that it would be his professional opinion that it will take a MINIMUM of TWO MORE coats of product if not THREE MORE coats to properly finish the job! It was his professional opinion that the instructions on the paint cans MUST be changed to tell the customer that the color they are choosing MAY REQUIRE MULTIPLE coats before finishing. He thought that Concord Home Depot dropped the ball HUGELY! Per the 800 Operator, Cranberry is one of the 11 or 12 colors that REQUIRE a similar/same coloration of the Primer used. Concord Home Depot sold me the Behr White Primer in the same transaction that they sold me the Cranberry Satin! A definite NO NO! Concord Home Depot then sold me the Gray Primer when I went to a Cranberry Flat when, again, they should have sold me a Cranberryish colored Primer. Home Depot/Behr, as we speak, advertises their ULTRA on TV, at about $31 a gallon on sale, and state that it is their best and that it is a Primer and Paint in one and that it covers everything, it does NOT say based on color used, like EXCEPT IF YOU ARE USING CRANBERRY(UL100-4)!

I told him that if I am made to paint this place again it will NOT be with a Behr product(as I have already told Behr). If they wish to hire him and he puts it in their contract that it MAY take 2 OR 3 OR 4 more coats of paint that would work for me; but I, me, am NOT going to put one more coat of a Behr product on that house, NOT in this lifetime!

Behr(Nick), in receipt of Peter's Report, has since called me and reiterated Behr's offer to reimburse me for my expenses to date! Note - NO further offer of Behr product to finish the job as they have FINALLY gotten the message. He wanted my decision then and there and I put him off. He was to call me Monday 10/15 and I did NOT get said call. My intent, if I get that call, is to decline their offer as I wish to go forward speaking ill of Behr with a clear conscious. What might not be so clear, to the reader, in my making that decison, is the simple fact that I have spent hundreds of hours painting this building, 3 and 4 times in some sections, and if someone had told me at the beginning that I was going to have to paint this building 4, 5 or 6 times total using this Behr product, and this color, I would have been running down the road to another vendor. I may be retired but I have other things I wish to do, and should be doing, with my time.

This house will NOT be painted with another product in the near term as it is a "Behr Laboratory" as it exists today. I can walk up to it and point to ALL the many faults, where if I were to rush to paint it, with a deemed to be better product, that ability vanishes.

I am somewhat buoyed, albeit late, by the number of folks who have told me that they would never use Behr Paint! Especially the party at Target who told me that they wanted to paint a nephew's bedroom Red Sox Red and after four coats of Behr they switched to another product to finish it!

If you are here, still reading this, I thank you for your time!

Denis J. O'Connell, Sr.
Concord, NH 03301-2418

to Denis J. O'***nell, Sr. #591300


Didn't you have some pictures posted of your house? What was the final outcome with Nick Chau, Sr. Tech Rep with Behr?

to Denis J. O'***nell, Sr. #591301

Dennis, Didn't you have some pictures posted of your house? What was the final outcome with Nick Chau, Sr. Tech Rep with Behr?


well considering the paint is latex it is going to feel like "rubber"


Agreed. I'll never use it again.

it used to be good, now it sucks. I used a tinted primer, and it still took 4 coats to cover.

On top of that, the paint peals off like rubber. You can scratch it right off with your fingernail.

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