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12 years ago, I painted my house with Behr paints. They worked fine overall, but it was over white walls. Now, we are painting rooms again, and our latest attempt has been a nightmare.

We bought the Behr Super Duper Awesomely Best Totally Radical Ultra Premium Fantastic Wonderful Orgasmic paint with primer. I was immediately skeptical about the inclusion of primer, but thought it was worth a shot. I didn't expect much, and unfortunately was still disappointed. It went over previously primed Behr paint, same type, same sheen, etc. The walls were cleaned and prepped for paint as one should do.

Just over one week later, one of my kids scraped the wall with a plastic toy box. The contact was minor. It didn't ding the sheet rock or damage the wall in any way. However, it took off the paint, and worse, it is peeling off in sheets. There was absolutely no adhesion to the old paint. Umm, excuse me, Behr, but this is exactly why you prime before you paint. My wife was told by the HD paint rep that with this wonderful paint, you don't have to prime. Note again that it was not previously painted with oil based or some other type of paint. It was the exact same paint, but without the primer. I tried to touch it up, but it looks terrible. Plus, I have zero confidence that other scrapes and dings will not result in the same peeling. Now we have an entire room that needs to be stripped and repainted properly. The monetary expense including time to do the above because of this *** paint would have to be obscene, if you hired a painter. Behr, and Home Depot, have gotten their last dollar from me. I am so disgusted and pissed that I can barely type coherently.

And, don't get me started on their *** and infantile projectile vomit of adjectives product name...

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

Monetary Loss: $39.

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Nothing will replace priming. If you want good results prep the surface first. Paint and Primer will not give the same results and a wall that's been primed.


Berh paint and primer in one is a big fat lie! kinda like back in the 60's were tire stores sold women pink air in their tires for a extra 25 cents per tire.

same air as you breath.

there is no primer in the paint it is just more clay's and reseins to thicken it up. An as PT Barnum says a fool and his money is soon parted.


You guys need a life, read a book or something. I bet you only painted one coat because you think that because it's "Paint and Primer" that you only need the one coat.

Wrong... Paint and primer in one eliminates the need to do the recommended one primer coat and two coats of actual paint.

This being paint and primer in one leaves you with two coats of paint and primer instead of three coats other wise. Of course all of you want to be spoon fed and want to do one coat wonders because you're lazy and don't want to put the effort to get the job done right.


Just go with Dutch Boy next time...


I agree. I was also "sold" on the inclusion of primer in Behr paint. IT DOES NOT WORK! I did not think that I was gullible, but now I am starting to question that.

My paint is also tearing off in sheets when it is scuffed. I tried to sand a scuff to feather the edge a bit, and the sandpaper just tore off big chunks of paint. This stuff is terrible! I'm more angry that they charge extra for this garbage.

I'm going to Sherman Williams from not on. Their paint is rated highest by companies that test paint, not just customer reviews, or whatever Behr is doing to get a high rating.


Sherman Williams is the same - had the exact same experience with them and their "wonderful" diamond, super paint with primer that was supposed to cover everywhere and be the best paint ever - well, now it is peeling off our walls... even though we told the store staff we didn't know if it was going over oil or latex, they said didn't matter cus it included the primer...

yah, right... so p'd off!