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THIS PAINT any touch up has a SHINY finish. Paint doesn't blend in on surface, already painted with CAN OF PAINT. YES, it was stirred properly.

Contractor - 3 rooms ceiling texture, and painted with THIS paint.

Found few places texture needed fixing. Contractor fixed texture. Contractor applied THIS paint; like applied originally.

Every touch up was done; THIS paint is a SHINY finish. THIS paint is a FLATT / MATTE.

This PAINT DID NOT blend in on surface already painted with the SAME CAN OF PAINT.

The only way for us to fix, is spend A LOT of MONEY for entire ceilings be repainted with ANOTHER BRAND of paint.

BEHR paint label flat / matte is a LIE! Spent Behr should pay for my ceilings to be repainted???

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Matte paint always has a bit of sheen. Use a DEAD FLAT on your ceilings next time.

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