Islip, New York
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The contractor painted mid-July. Within two days, very small patches were coming off. Today, mid Auguts, a month later,I saw a bit of painters taoe that was still oin the wall. When removing the tape, , the paint peeled right off with it. It is as iff the paint is rubberized and if I kept peeling the entire wall would peel off in one huge piece.

I have also noticed small patches where the paint has come off with any minor interaction with an object. The paint was applied correctly, the contractor cleaned and sanded the wall, waited the proper amount of time to paint and dry

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Premium Plus Ultra Wall Paint.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sounds as though, if the painter sanded the walls, there may have been sanding residue left on the walls when the paint was applied. When that happens, the paint sticks to the sanding dust and not the wall itself.


The paint is "rubberized." It's latex. So its basically rubber.

Something didn't go right here, starting with the choice of Behr as a paint. But this also does smack of prep problems.

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