Katy, Texas
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I applied one coat of the Behr Premium Plus Ultra to my daughter's room walls and before it even dried an awful chemical odor invaded the room. I contacted HomeDepot and they just blamed me for adding thinner to the paint (thinner to an acrylic paint?

you can tell they have no clue), contacted Behr and they recommended to apply Kiltz Max primer. After 2 coats of Kiltz the odor didn't go away, then we applied B-I-N with no change. Called Behr again, they asked me for a sample of the paint and recommended to wait longer to let the smell go. After 2 weeks, the smell is worse than before, in temps around 32F was bad and in temps over 65F was worse.

I have enough, nobody can get in that room; I have a ceiling fan, a floor fan, a window fan (exhaust), and just walking by is awful. The smell is invading the hall and sometimes I can smell it in the kitchen 40 feet away. I am removing the sheetrock today, 2 paint contractors I talked to, don't see another option.

If 3 coats of primer didn't kill the smell, there is nothing else to do. I am contacting Behr to discuss restitution for their bad product.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Katy, does your room have a strong musty mildest order? That’s what I am experiencing from a house I just purchased in which there are new door jamb painted with Behr Ultra primer paint.


I wish I would of read all the previous comments before I spent numerous hours and $$ on Behr Deck Over. It SHOULD be off of the shelves and Home Depots 'paint specialist' sold it to me under the promise of " you wont need to paint your deck again for 10 years." As anyone ever got their money back?

I had several people tell me they would go to Home Depot and complain but I haven't.

My deck looks awful and its only been a year. So disappointed.


Had something like this happen with another brand.


I had the exact same issue