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I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra to paint my studio, used to be rec room. Bought 4 gallons of eggshell finish for walls and trim.

All the same colour. Goes on easy. Great coverage. It won't setup hard!

At first I thought it just needed time. After 4 days at room temperature 68 to 70 F, or 20 C, it is still very soft. Almost gummy. The walls are fine but the woodwork is easily rubbed off in a gummy, tacky strip of paint.

Now I am 63 and painted for many years. This is great in many areas but it is useless if it is not durable. This is not a hard durable finish. It is a very delicate surface that is totally useless as a finish.

The marks leave a rough surface. My nice woodwork is looking worse than before I painted. Now I will have to sand and prime and repaint with another brand. This is a disaster.

How can this paint be sold by Home Depot. This is a very big embarrassment for both Behr and HD.

As a long time customer I expected better products than this. I will have to make changes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Premium Plus Ultra Wall Paint.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Behr has been *** for years. They put their money into marketing and television commercials to convince people it is good paint but the reality is that it is junk and most professional painters won't touch it.

Unless they have too.

And then they jack up their labor charge because it is so bad to apply. If you actually compare it to a quality paint, you will find that all it does is hide, and it doesn't do anything else well at all.

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