Slidell, Louisiana

Purchase 10/2010 Behr Premium semi-transparent Deck-fence-Siding weatherproffing wood stain tint base # 5077

6yr. deck and 10.yr.fence and siding

the semi transparent weatherproffing is peeling badly

i need to repaint but do not know what went wrong causing it to peel in 3 years.It took almost 3 (5) gal can last time

have any advice what went wrong was it me or the paint

Back in 2007 I painted it with Behr Weatherproffing # 500 Natural and had to repaint in 2010 because the natural was not looking as good as when i painted it. it last about 3 -3.5 years

I am not pissed just need info what went wrong

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

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3.5 yrs for a transparent stain is a good time frame. The can says 4 for a satisfaction guarantee. Proper prep is needed to ensure penetration of stain INTO wood


I bought weather proof stain for my new stairs, product WILL NOT DRY on the wood or the can, Behr says I didn't prep properly. Never had a stain act this way.

My steps took me a week to stain now I have to remove it and start again. I didn't think anyone made this type of junky produce in this day and age.DON"T BUY IT!