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I am with a group of professional research paralegals. We have over two decades of experience helping consumers and we work with only the best class action law firms in North America.

Currently, we are working on a case against Behr. Hundreds of individuals have been left with the cost of repairs due to damages caused by Behr. We are particularly interested in victims from Alameda County in California. DeckOver coats have a history of deteriorating quickly within months and in some cases weeks according to complaints stemming from as early as 2015.

Consumers are left spending extra time and money removing the DeckOver, repairing the damaged surfaces, and reapplying a new deck treatment.

Even if your DeckOver is under warranty, what you get back from the company is subject to a representatives inspection of the problem, and no, they will not reimburse you for the time or cost of application Dont be another victim! Contact Us today at

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Just want to make sure the original poster is aware that a lawsuit against Rustoleum for their Restore deck product, of which Deckover is virtually identical, was settled in favor of the plaintiffs earlier this year. It was a multi-million dollar settlement and they paid funds directly to the consumers.

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