Winston Salem, North Carolina

It's very difficult to apply, it's to thick and it dryes out in your roller in seconds. I will not recommended to anyone, don't buy it.

It does not cover the splinters/gaps in your wood.... the brochure is nice but I'm sure it was photoshop to make it look much better, it's deceptive, and they should give my money back, the colors are nice, and if you need to paint vertical, you have to bay another product from them, of course, so do not waste your time, nor your money, they have regular paints for deck that I have ised before and they are way better than this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

Monetary Loss: $36.

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SO UNHAPPY with this product!!!! Used Behr Deck Over on our entire decks, 14X62 front, 14X62 back and 8X27 on side and it looks horrible.

We followed the instructions very carefully and made sure that we did not walk on the finished product for the alloted time. Once we walked on the deck it is now stained from the foot traffic, and it is chipping and peeling. We spent alot of money and time in painting our decks and this was only 5 months ago and it looks this bad. The salesman from Home Depot said we would not have to touch our decks for 5 years, huh!!

i would not recommend this product to anyone!!!!! :( :( :(


had the same poor is very expensive and I am so disappointed with the results. I am done with all Behr products.


I would like to try and get my money back. The worst.

I am 64 and broke my a.. painting my cement deck TWICE. Molded over, stained with some yellow stains? I am pissed off about this.

Bad enough with the money, but the work.

This was only last week...looks like ***. :( :(


I just used the Deck over today. While it's thick and I had to keep going to avoid early drying, it seems to have worked great. Dries fast. The color is slightly different than I expected but it coats and seals railings very well.

As for prep, we spent a long time sanding and basically took it to bare wood.

I would use it again and would recommend it.


The product is thick--and dries quickly in hot dry weather. I live in Phoenix and I had to start at 5AM to use it before it got over 90F, which is the max temp to apply.

I did notice that you need to let it cure for 3+ days before you walk on it... or else the dirt from your shoe will bond to it.

In cooler climate, it will take longer to cure. I used it on a concrete walkway and So far I'm happy with the product.