Louisville, Kentucky

I'm currently applying DeckOver on a customers deck that they had started.I read the application instructions and they said it could be sprayed on if using .015 - .010 tip...I started with a .015, ended up buying a .027, and it still clogs after one squeeze of the trigger. ended up rolling on a moderate to heavy coat to cover the exposed weathered cracks.

it seems it's going to take about 3-4 coats to seal everything. As a professional stainer and painter for over 20 years, I've never worked with a product as poorly as this one. I'm sure every product like this is just as unsuccessful as this product is. to all homeowners....save your time and money....if your deck is weather so bad that it has lots of cracks and splintery, replace the wood or apply a solid body stain, such as Deckscapes.

There is no law to prevent companies to sell bad products and deceive the consumers. I'm sure once this product starts peeling the only solution is to replace the flooring since this product can't be taken off.It would be hilarious if Behr had to pay for every deck to be rebuilt if the product keeps failing. Let the big companies take a hit in their pockets for a change!

Myself, I wouldn't put this product my worst enemies deck! Which, I'm glad I don't have any....!

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

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