I WILL NOT recommend this paint to ANYONE. I paid $158.00 for five gallons of this paint it don't roll like show on TV or paper.You can't pint in the day paint dry up in pan and gets thick coat on it.

I am so DISAPPOINTED in this paint.I would not of spent so dam much money on it I could understand it doing this but. I would take it back to the store if I would not of used it all ready.

I would like my money back.BAD PAINT. I WANT MY MONEY BACK.

Review about: Behr Paint.

Monetary Loss: $158.

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Tyler, Texas, United States #995173

Deck over does work and it looks good when done. The problem is it shows muddy paw prints and foot prints readily and even when following Behr's instructions for cleaning, these are almost impossible to remove .

If you use deck over, especially Cape Cod color, be ready ,its like a magnet for dirt adherence ! Requires hours of weekly scrubbing.


Behr products rock! Anytime...and I mean ANY time you see someone have poor results, it is due to the person, not the product.

As the poor grammar and overall illiteracy of the Behr detractors prove, one has to be able to add two and two and get FOUR to be able to successfully use the products, lol! Other than that, it is all in the prep and skill of the person using the product that will determine the results.

Pine Brook, New Jersey, United States #967511

Behr Deckover SUCKS! I sanded and stripped my deck last spring and applied.

By August it was peeling. After ONE winter, the entire thing has to be redone. Giant pieces of it are stripping off. I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED.

Do NOT buy this product!!!!

Going back to stain, or maybe just biting the bullet and going to TREX. Getting tired of doing this every year!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #875477

Deck over sucks, I painted deck in June, by late July it blistered(air bubbles)all over deck


Sept 20, 2014... just applied the 1st coat..

it is thick, but that's what I expected... we will see!

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #866775

Opened the first can and it won't even spread with a brush.


same here.....nasty nasty! and mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As an independant paint contractor, I have been using and recommending Behr Deck over for over a year. Last week I had a customer complain of bad reviews on line.

Googling I found this site. Amazing. Many of the problems I've read here are human error and users are not experienced enough to recognize. I have used some sad products and Deck over is not one of them.

Deck Over is a great product and inexpensive compared to the life and results. Read over these remarks. Who are you going to believe? DIY'rs with no experience or experienced applicators?

Behr stands behind this product, (replacing product) that DIY'rs mis-apply. Chicken little said the sky was falling......what do you believe?

to LogMan #1048576

Wanted to say I am not inexperienced, however this is my first time using this product.

Maybe a bad batch, but the stuff is so thick a premium nylon/polyester brush (as recommended) was hard to dip into the paint, also the paint was to thick to pour into a paint tray or use with a roller. Maybe a stiff China bristle brush would have worked, but I didn't have one on hand and it's a 35 mile drive to Home Depot to get one.

I would say Deck Over is a waste of money!

Clover, South Carolina, United States #846268

Learn how to write and spell. You sound like an illiterate ***.

to JW Gainesville, Georgia, United States #1220245

A dipshit red neck giving advice on grammar? Now i've seen it all!

Monroe, Connecticut, United States #839702

Is there a way of thinning this paint, it's too thick to roll?

Morristown, Tennessee, United States #836857

If you apply it in the sun it will dry too fast. This is why it dried up in your pan.


You *** try following the instructions!!! And learn to spell...oh sorry maybe you can't read!!!

to Getitright #838745

I have an extremely high IQ. I can read, write and spell (along with being able to use spell check!).

I cleaned, prepped and followed the manufacturers instructions exactly and still had the same problem. I would NOT recommend this product, especially if you have a larger than average sized deck that you are applying Behr Deck Over on.


I used this on both my front deck and back deck. I pressure washed the deck first with a deck cleaner and degreaser.

I applied the Deck over and it looks great! I like the texture. If your expecting it to fill in huge gaps you are mistaken. It say's will fill in up to a 1/4 space if your expecting more than that then your not reading the instructions.

Also if your wood is splintered and all that before you apply its not going to miraculously fix that. This is a really good product. Yes its thicker than regular paint.

That is the point. I Give this product a great rating.

to ogre #983342

Wait until the next year!!!!!!! You will find out just how good this "stuff" is. I wasted a lot of money on this crappy paint...


You can't even spell. No wonder it won't work for you.


I am in hospital now, I thought bucket said *** over, put on my *** and now I in hospital. Not for ***, make *** burn.


I am furious as I applied it to my deck and then tried to go barefootin but instead got baresplinters.

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