So I've only used Benjamin Moore paints in the past and always had a great result. I even would paint darker colors on white walls with ONE coat and questioned whether or not I needed another!

I have painted maybe 6 good sized rooms in my lifetime (one with a LOT of crown moulding) and never have I run out and gotten more (the most I've bought for a project is maybe 3 gallons). I bought Behr for a simple closet paint job (white, flat) and with Benjamin Moore you barely need a quart maybe two for the job. I was painting white over white and you could see how uneven it was AFTER 4 COATS!!!! The paint is definitely very watery compared to BM, almost like white wash?

But it's not! There are a few stains on the wall and it's like I never painted over them in the first place. Ridiculous. I used a quart and barely covered one tiny wall.

It also smells awful compared to BM.

I will never use Behr again it's not worth the better price for this much hassle. Now I have to go out again and paint over this *** paint with Benjamin Moore like I should have done in the first place.

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kristal kurran

I painted over a bright white which turned to a light grey on walls and ceiling. Same problem of over lines where I painted.

Not good coverage for one coat.. refuse to do second coat..

When people ask what I used, I tell them.. Best form of letting people know what product not to use..

@kristal kurran

A second coat woudn't have done you much good either.