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I have restained my deck 3 years in a row due to the poor quality of their products. Sanded off the previous stain ( that had worn away after 10 years of use) and used their cleaner.

6 months later the stain flaked off. I called and they replaced it for free with the next step up but I had to spend 3 weekends sanding/stripping it again and treating it with their cleaner. 6 months later it flaked off again. They then told me to get a professional to do it for me but when I told them why I was restaining the deck they told me no way as they did not want to be responsible.

Behr then said they would give me deck over which I was a little excited about as they said it was "bulletproof" and will stick to anything.

I again sanded and stripped my deck and put Deck over on it for it to bubble up 2 weeks later when it rained and looked like it had blisters all over it and other areas are flaking off now. Don't buy Behr what ever you do for deck products as they are a nightmare and now my deck is rotting due to the use of their products!

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Deckover Deck Paint.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I got so sick of my deck I ripped it up and tossed it into the bonfire.

Then I got synthetic composite material which warped into useless bumps.

To perdition with decks and other unwinnable struggles.

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