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I’ll start at the beginning. Back in March, I purchased a product called Behr Interior/Exterior Oil Based Paint from Home Depot.

The product was recommended to me by Home Depot for my kitchen cabinets. My husband and I were wanting to add value to our home by updating it. We were instructed to sand down the cabinets, clean them and then prime them before painting. We did exactly as instructed.

We had good ventilation, fans blowing and lots of fresh air while doing the job. After we painted the first coat of paint and let it dry, we immediately started to get sick. (Yes we wore masks while painting). The first thing that happened was the nose bleeds.

Then, my husband started coughing up blood. Then I had heart palpitations. Then my baby stopped breathing and was rushed to the hospital. Then my son started complaining of sore throat, headaches and my daughter was complaining of headaches and nausea.

We moved out of the home temporarily and returned back into the home once we thought it would be safe. The problems continued with our health and we were forced to move back out of the home for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, once we came back into the home, the paint fumes were so terrible still that we had to leave once again and hire someone to come remove everything. We started a claim with Behr and Home Depot.

They seem to have completely disregarded our issue. They “attempted” to have a lawyer arrange to come to my home 1 month after the ordeal to test the air quality. Really Behr?

One month later your concerned???!! Should have been more concerned with the $13,000 you cost our family not to mention who knows what type of long term health effects we now face!

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

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