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Home Depot ran a huge ad campaign last year touting this stuff as the cure-all for deck problems. Instead it was just the opposite, it is the biggest deck problem of them all.

Very expensive and difficult to apply, I prepped my deck exactly as instructed and coated it with this stuff last summer, based on my trust in the Home Depot "Behr" brand. What a mistake. As soon as the winter's snow melted away all I saw was this stuff peeling, cracking, and flaking off. At first it was just in the traffic areas but soon it was the whole deck.

Behr refunded the cost of the stain, but left me trying to figure out what I am going to do from here. The flakes are all over the place and my granddaughter keeps trying to eat them. From the dozens and dozens of identical reports I have seen from others. this is a chronic problem that Behr and Home Depot have refused to stand behind.

Those who have followed Behr's instructions and scraped off all the rest of the stain say it is quite a lot of work and leaves the deck in a big mess. Sounds like the only practical solution is to have all the deck boards torn off and replaced. What a disaster. I will never buy another Behr product and have lost all my faith in Home Depot.

From what I gather, they have pulled the product from the market over this problem. Too bad they didn't do that before I bought it.

Behr obviously developed a bad product, did not adequately test it. made false claims about it, then did not stand behind it.

they caused their loyal customers a lot of money, wasted labor, and a huge mess. I will tell everyone I can about this and hope they will not make the same mistake I did.

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I did deckover a year ago. Coming off in sheets.

Behr deckover has a class action suit.

You have to have proof of purchase or skull. Home depot assisted in getting my proof.


Same thing is happening to us. We followed all instructions provided.

It was very time consuming and costly. Looked good last year after application. Now my deck is peeling Padre Brown everywhere!

I am starting the refund (hopefully) process. VERY FRUSTRATING


Sounds just like my experience with this product. I am currently trying to figure out what to do with my peeling deck.

I know that I have a lot of work cut out for me. I am very disgusted with Behr DeckOver, especially considering all of the time and money I put into staining my deck last year.

I am hoping to get my money back. How did you get your refund?


I went to the Home Depot where I bought it and they dialed the Behr CS line and handed me the phone and the agent at Behr tried to satisfy me by offering to sent me more of the paint... no way.

I had to mail them the original receipt (obviously to terminate the matter). Although Behr is a wholly-owned division of Home Depot, Home Depot tries to avoid responsibility for them by pretending it is an independent vendor. Home Depot did the huge advertising campaign for this garbage and should be doing an equally expensive one to apologize to all the suckers who bought the stuff.... but don't hold your breadth.

I wrote in to HD's headquarters to complain and they just gave me the Behr 800 number.

They are diving for cover from this mess. Sherwin Williams makes good paint and from everything I am reading they will stand behind what they sell.


My Home Depot absolutely refused to discuss the product in any way and insisted I had to contact Behr. Behr offered to reimburse me for half the materials necessary to re-do the job but didn't make any sort of offer to cover the costs of the original labour (~$1000), or the labour to scrape it all off, clean up the mess, and do it over again (~$2500). What do I do now?


I am in the process of filing a claim against them in the local small claim court. Sounds complicated but it is actually very simple.

I am getting a quote for having the stuff professionally sanded off to return my deck to its previous state. (Make sure the quote does not including anything more than that... you are just asking to be made whole again). Get the addresses of both Home Depot and Behr from their web sites.

Then it should only cost you about $100 to fill out and submit a Claim Form at the court. Address it to the presidents of both defendants at those addresses. Include a reasonable amount for your labor in putting the stuff down too if you want, and all the costs for the materials you used that you have receipts for. They will each need to send a representative to the hearing or else you will get a default judgment.

If they do send someone, you will still surely prevail. Just bring print outs of the hundreds of others who are experiencing the exact same problem. They are going to try to say that you installed it wrong, so spend some time remembering all the steps you took preparing for the job. The lawyer in Behr's Caims department told me that most people are very happy with the stuff and very few are complaining.

He says that Home Depot is just a "do it yourself" place that does not teach people how to do things properly. He said my problem was rare is was my own fault for not having it professionally painted. Remember that a "suggestive" instruction did not have to be followed by you. For instance if it said "a cleaner like Behr's XX may be used to open the wood fibers..." that is just a recommendation...

you were not required to follow it to expect the promised results. You only had to follow the instructions that were explicitly dictated. And even if you had not followed the printed instructions exactly, Behr has produced numerous instructional videos (on the web... especially on Utube) that show application being much simpler than the instructions on the can, so it would be reasonable for you to have followed Behr's video instructions instead.

Download those videos to a laptop and bring them to show the judge.

Call your local newspaper before your hearing. If its a small town, they might have interest to attend the hearing and write a "human interest" story about it. Then you can forward that around to the regional papers and TV stations and you might get one of those "Consumer Protection" reporters to pick it up.

Comically, the "Comments" page on Behr's website claims that 88% of consumers love the stuff, but when I tried to post a negative comment, they rejected it and said I should instead try to work it out with their customer service agents.

No wonder they are showing so many positive reports if they are blocking the negative ones.

After I get my court victory I am going to write a Letter to the Editor of every newspaper in New England telling about it and instructing others to do the same.

They should have just recalled this stuff voluntarily.