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April, 12 2012

Proceedings against the Society of BEHR paint in California, USA is progressing well. It seems that I will soon be compensated for all I went thrue, since May 2010, until now. Because I still have, my neurological health problems. Ans has no choice, to live with !!!

I will post more news soon. Catherine Hébert, Quebec, Canada.

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After using BEHR interior paint in 2010, I fell seriously ill and I had to be hospitalized a month and half. They found a brain damage in the area of "‹"‹sensitivity.

Since then, my whole right side suffered burns and pain. My skin is insensitive to hot and cold. They give me in neurology, three drugs : Lyrica 750mg a day, Cimbelta 250mg a day and Dilaudil 4mg three times a day. It's help, but not completely.

I stop working, stop having dreams., stop going out in summer, because it's to hot for me. I don't have a life anymore... I was healthy before, having no illness at all and I am sure that BEHR is responsable because they add (4,9% of Antii-freeze) on each gallon. This product is a very high toxic one, as we all know.

Then, I consider that it is so *** to add this very dangerous product. I am lawsuit against them and I expect some money and consideration for all the lost, dommages and interest.

I hear about other story like mind, maybe you too ? Please, let me know at : ( Catherine Hébert

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

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i have Behr paint on my walls too. Ive started to notice that when I close my eyes at night everything is dark.

I open my eyes in the morning and everything is light again. I wonder what is happening- it has to be the paint.


You are suffering from entitlement, resulting in a lack of empathy. Your willful ignorance and insensitivity is staggering. The reality exists that some individuals are an acceptable loss in favor of corporations making large sums of money when they know their products are harmful.


I had a severe allergic reaction to the paint as well.


With all the compensation you get from Behr you can feed all your cats for a lifetime


Ma'am you probably were already sick and Just did not become aware of this problem until you were painting for 3 hours in the hot sun.My question to you is how?Can you be positive that it was the paint.I think you are trying to scam this company out of money.The thing's some people do is not natural.Then you have the nerve to post a picture.DUH


NO its the paint I know because I have been sick too!


From : Catherine Hebert in Quebec, Canada


Since I got very sick, by using BEHR Paint, and since they hear about my story, BEHR Products change their labels and change the amount of (PRESTONE) !!! Now, they had only (1,2%) on each gallon.

In 2010 and before it was (4,9%) !!!!! The reason, I start very sick, and for the rest of my life !!!!!!! A damage to my brain, made ??sure that all my right members burns when it gets too hot outside or in the room where I am.

I have to take this medecine for the rest of my life : (Lyrica and Morphine) PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ((BEHR PAINT)) It's very dangerous for your health. You can write to me for more informations at :


Ok, I moved into a newly renvated apt painted with Behr paint on Feb. 1st. A week later I had a panic attack for "no apparant reason", I was just sitting on the couch watching a movie. After that it was all downhill. Granted, I was run down from working a lot. However, the things that happened to me in this apt had never happened to me before, EVER, in 17 years of living in NYC apts.

I suddenly became very allergic to things i had previously cherished like my plants, a rabbit fur hat which suddenly made my forhead break out, my beloved scented candles like Yankee, etc. I thought that was very strange but I was too busy to really think about it. I then had another panick attack right after I left for work and had to pull over to the side of the road and walk around, this was about a month after moving in.

I then started having strange esophagus spasms, and I thought that it was my heart and I was dying! It took two emergency room visits till I was able to see myself on the heart monitor and have a spasm at the same time to figure out that it was my esophagus spasming. Then it started to spasm each day, and not only that I began to have a problem swallowing and getting food down. I lost the ability to eat. I panicked and left the apt, and went to a friend's apt but my throat was no better by morning so I went BACK to the ER. This time I was able to tell them that it was my esophagus in some kind of allergic reaction, and I thought it was coming from my apt allthough it could be a food allergy. It took 6 hours on a Benadryll drip to get rid of the spasm.

I then took off from NYC and went to my parent's house so that they could help me, a 7 hour drive. I tried to eat a banana and my throat closed up again so that I couldn't eat. I went BACK to the ER where a doctor thought it could be GERD doing this to my esophagus and gave me Protonix. I was able to eat somewhat after that but the Protonix made me feel terrible and not be able to sleep, feelings of anxiety, etc. I refused to take it after that. I then passed out on the floor from lack of eating and drinking, it had messed up my electrolytes. BACK to the ER to get a fluid replacement, and this time the doctor gave me Atavan and I got home and slept for 12 hours. When I woke up I had a pinched nerve in my right lower back and couldn't walk properly. This was last week and my back is only loosening up now due to chiropractic care.

I am stuck in my apt due to not working for the past 2 weeks and not having enough $ to move, this is NYC and nobody has room to let anybody stay, at least not long enough for one night. I keep the windows open no matter how cold and I live only in the kitchen which has a lot of tile and cabinetry and less paint. I'm moving again at the end of the month, come what may- I can't stay in here. I don't know how to prove that what happened to me was from the Behr paint but I'm sure that it is. I have a certain coat I used to wear all the time and now when I put that coat on I have an allergic reaction to it. I also feel allergic when I lie down on my futon. I have to stay away from certain fabrics now, that's chemical sensitivity. I hope to God it subsides when I get out of here. I'm not sure how to prove all of this but BEHR owes me some money. I've missed 2 weeks of work so far, been to the ER 7 times, had to sign up for Blue Cross Blue Shield and now have to visit the chiropractor due to the stress of what went on. ASK YOUR LANDLORD WHAT PAINT THEY USED ON THE APT AND IF IT IS BEHR, STAY FAR AWAY!!!!


I am not surprise about your story !! I hope you are going to read my messages here.

I wrote three. BEHR is adding some ((PRESTONE)) on each gallon !!! A VERY TOXIC PRODUCT FOR OUR HEALTH !!! You can have dammage on your brain like me, or with your heart or with your lungs also.

Or some allergies to certain products, like you.

I will be very sick for the rest of life, because of them !!!!! ((( ))) Catherine Hebert, Quebec, Canada


Me too



Hi, I am Catherine Hebert,

After studying my case, they wrote me to say, they stood aucunnement responsible for irreversible brain damage I suffered immediately after being painted for three hours, in my girl with their interior paint in May 2010 and causing me serious neurological problems on the whole right side of my body. I, who have them yet provides all the necessary evidence to prove their guilt! So I took a week ago, a lawyer who will file the JUDICIAL criminal prosecution against the company ((Home Depot)) to prove that they are indeed responsible for my current state of health .

I intend to talk to the media and all those like me who have suffered health problems, or the heart, lungs or brain. The three are directly related to the use of this painting, which contained until they hear about my case ((((4.9%)))) ANTIFREEZE!! An extremely toxic substance, which can even cause ((DEAD)) of a child, one lichee and that of an adult, a teaspoon!! Home Depot, which manufactures and sold me this highly toxic paint in 2010, has not in my opinion and those of many others, no humanitarian sense to inject the deadly poison in his painting, knowing that danger existed. I will keep you up to date on the development of the ongoing investigation. If you have any questions or testimony.

Please Contact me through this (Enamel): ((


Bonjour, Je suis Catherine Hebert

Suite à l'étude de mon dossier, ils m'ont écrit pour me dire, qu'ils ne se tenait aucunnement responsable, pour le dommage irréversible au cerveau que j'ai subit tout de suite après avoir peinturé durant trois heures, chez ma fille avec leur peinture d'intérieur en Mai 2010 et qui me cause de graves problèmes neurologique sur tout le côté droit de mon corps. Moi, qui leur ai pourtant fournit, toutes les preuves nécessaires prouvant leur culpabilité !!! J'ai donc pris il y a une semaine, un avocat qui intentera des poursuites judiciares au criminel, contre la compagnie (( Home Depot )), afin de faire la preuve, qu'ils sont bel et bien responsable de mon état de santé actuel.

J'ai bien l'intention d'en parler aux médias et à tous ceux et celles qui comme moi, ont subit des problèmes de santé, soit au coeur, aux poumons ou au cerveau. Les trois étant directement liés à l'utilisation de cette peinture, qui contenait jusqu'à ce qu'ils entende parler de mon cas, (((( 4,9 % )))) D'ANTIGEL !!!! Un produit extrèmement toxique, qui peut même causer la (( MORT )) d'un enfant, à une seule lichée et à celle d'un adulte, une cuillèré à thé !!!!!! Home Depot, qui fabrique et m'a vendu cette peinture hautement toxique en 2010, ne possède à mon avis et à ceux de plusieurs autres personnes, aucun sens humanitaire, pour injecter ce poison mortel dans sa peinture, sachant très bien qu'un danger existait. Je vous tiendrai au courrant des développement de l'enquête en cours. Si vous avez des questions ou des témoignages.

S.V.P. Communiquer avec moi par cet (Émail) :

(( ))


got very ill for weeks and weeks and had dificulty breathing.It also took 17 hours to dry and the stink could have taken down a rhyno.I was hoping to start a class action suit.Going court this week to sue for 4000 thousaND DOLLARS.i RESIDE IN BKLYN.mY EMAIL cORPcLASSY@AOL.COM THIS FAR FROM ENVIRONMENTALYY SQAFE


I am not surprise about your story !! I hope you are going to read my messages here.

I wrote three. BEHR is adding some ((PRESTONE)) on each gallon !!! A VERY TOXIC PRODUCT FOR OUR HEALTH !!!

You can have dammage on your brain like me, or with your heart or with your lungs also.I will be very sick for the rest of my life, because of them !!!!!

((( ))) Catherine Hebert, Quebec, Canada


April 11, 2012

I'm on proceedings with BEHR Paint.

Things look like BEHR Compagny, seem wanted to compensate me, for all I went thrue, since May 2010. I'm still having many health problems and I try to do my whole best each day. But it's very not easy for me. I will let yopu know, when I got more news. Thank you. Catherine Hébert