Plymouth, Minnesota
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One year after using Behr Deckover on a medium sized deck which I am too tired to measure due to M.S (no pity party for my legs just the facts). My Minnesota deck began to peel in long strips. At the same time my seventy pound puppies developed a mysterious syndrome that various clinics and hospitals could not identify.

After reading the various problems regarding Behr Deckover on this site, it seems that a logical conclusion may be that my peeling deck is hurting my dogs. Instead of using my resources for vet bills that could be from my dogs being around or eating the sixth month old Buer deck paint, I will hire some guys I can't afford to get this paint off my deck.

Yes, Behr, it's just thick paint that does not work. I am demoting it's fancy well marketed researched based name that lures people like myself into thinking the name means that it is reliable and is worth it's fancy pants money to deck paint.

Yes, Home Depot, I am sad that that while it is unusual for me to keep and find you receipts, I kept these because your "deck paint" was so expensive. I received no help from your sales associates. While they all told me how very sorry they were they gave me no options. Their smiles were so similar with each other that after I spoke to I sent my dogs through your huge store looking for *** human sized pods.

The fact that I worked for a large company in sales, and I was actually sincere when I knew a customer was in a bind and helped them-makes me shrug. Even without my licensed medicine like marijuana, I want to take a megaphone in Home Depot yelling the truth regarding a poorly trained sales staff and sketchy custermer service.

Shame on you H.D. and Buer - you two corporate conglomerates. I am saddened that no one helped my paint situation or it seems anyone else's. Thus, I bid you a due.

I will think of you, sort of, as I stand, kind of, with my healthy dogs. I will smile at the the clean unpainted deck with my very disabled son who is the love of my life. After all, he is the reason I made the tough financial decision to pull money together for his dogs to survive. The best decision I have ever made. (No pity party here, just the facts). Ok, facts that could have been condensed. But, this how we plan to roll. Babbling and free of stuff that hurt my pups.

We don't need your refund, just a clean break.

I digress, don't get the deck paint.

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Premium Deckover Deck Paint.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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