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We applied Behr Deck Over in Aug 2013 and it is now Aug. 2015.

I have a not-so-bad comment on our experience with Deck Over...we have not had peeling, BUT it stays so DIRTY and WILL NOT COME CLEAN no matter what I do. I stay stressed all the time over the appearance. We have a large wrap-around deck, (about half covered and half uncovered) and no matter which entrance is used, I am faced with a disgusting eyesore. We purchased two 5 gallon cans, cleaner, and all that was required with rollers, etc, about a $500 investment.

(Beware...we thought we were saving significantly by purchasing the big cans over the gallon cans but failed to notice that the big cans aren't 5 gal, only 4.53. Oooops our mistake not to catch this!) Our deck was about 10 yrs old when we applied the Deck Over and had had a couple of other products on it over the years which were completely weathered away. Our deck looked just like the ones on the commercials which aired every 30 minutes during the summer of 2013. The showed people dancing bare-footed on splintery old decks after Deck Over was used.

It made a huge improvement in the surface of our wood. Our boards are spaced farther apart than on most decks and I even took a huge amount of time with a thin little applicator pad, painting between the boards. This may be the difference in our not having peeling problems, that our boards are thoroughly covered on all sides except the bottom. A large portion of our deck surrounds our pool.

As this portion of the deck is wet from pool activity, and then dries, it leaves the entire surface in dirty circles. We have had a lot of mildew, tree sap staining, and just general dirt even though we enter the deck directly off a concrete driveway. We chose the dark cedar/redwood oolor ( don't remember the official name of the color). Our pressure washer had torn up and we had attempted to clean with all kinds of cleaning products and bleach and resorted to crawling around with a stiff-bristled hand-held scrub brush.

We got desperate enough to go purchase another pressure washer, spent a couple of long days spraying with a Jomax and bleach mixture and gently using the pressure washer. It's the cleanest the deck has looked in a long time, no mildew, but still several areas of tree sap staining. We finished the job yesterday morning, had family over for swimming in the evening and this morning it is just as circled and dirty-looking around the pool area as when we began the job. I sat down today to research to see if there is a cleaning product that is recommended that would make cleaning easier.

I was expecting to find some negative reviews since I haven't heard one single commercial for Behr Deck Over this whole summer, no one dancing bare-footed on an old deck...then I saw 25 pages of

I feel real lucky to still have good coverage, but I hate the problems involved with cleaning it. It's an endless job!

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Cleaning Solution.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Behr Cons: Bad product, Results.

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