Elkhart, Indiana
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I used over 35 gallons of your Deck Over paint to cover my 14'10" x 28' deck and railings last summer. It now makes me sick to look at since it is all peeling off.

The railing, spindles, decking, ledger boards, all peeling. I bought the paint at Home Depot in Mishawaka Indiana and now I am stuck with a mess.

With the money I spent on paint and a painter to apply it I am guess the loss is $1000.00 Now it will have to be repaired even costing me more money that I don't have. Please help

Doug Ryback 574-596-6195

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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It’s paint... not stain or acrylic, and yes you need to prep the wood properly and do it in the proper weather conditions


I had the same experience with this product. Thought I bought the best and regret it everyday.


I have had the same problem with three different properties. Works great in the shade but will not hold up when exposed to sun light.

I am now trying to repair the damage by applying Kilz then painting with deckover to minimize my time and costs. Fingers crossed.

RJ - Louisville, KY


We put deckover on 5 Months ago, perfect weather and dry. It started peeling In January.

Since putting it on in September it has been warm up until January.

Are there any class action lawsuits yet? I have seen way to many complaints.


behr is a rock solid paint i stand behind,on both legs...like a behr!!!...lol...


your wood was wet...dummy!


We had the same problem and ours looked exactly like Doug's. Now ours is much worse with rotten boards so we have to strip it, scrap it, and replace about 50% of our deck!


I spent almost 600.00 in 2013 on deckover,huge mistake. My deck is around my pool so I have quite a mess .when I called behr they started telling me that I could rent a sander and sand the spots that were peeling and they would send me some more product and I could re-paint my deck . Yeah ok I really want to re-apply this *** on my deck again.


How was the surface prepared? What was the weather like?

Did you pressure wash or scrub? It should have taken you a sixth of that amount excluding your railings....


It was almost certainly because your deck was not properly prepared. Behr has excellent paint, it's always top rated in Consumer reports.

No, I do not work for Behr paint or anyone who sells it.


If you did not actually use the "Deck Over", why are you commenting? I used the product on a friends (covered) deck about two years ago and so far it looks good.

My neighbor used it and his peeled. Both in upstate NY with well below freezing temps in winter.

Many people have had peeling. I would like to read some reviews from professionals who have used the product.


Our deck is also peeling and would not recommend this product to any of my friends.

For the money we spent on this Deck Over and we are very disapointed with it. I always

trusted Behr and thought they had High Quality products but not anymore. They should

help people that have this peeling problem with a solution.


i have to say that we followed the directions to the letter and had a similar result. Our deck has been peeling without even putting furniture on it.

This was a new, but seasoned deck, clean, dry, perfect weather conditions. even the top rail and the pergola have bare spots. It is very strange. and disappointing.

I'm glad, u/ransom, that you had a better experience.

We've had fine results with their interior paint. It's just this Deck Over, sheesh!