Garland, Texas
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I wanted a sand texture on my office walls and was told by Home Depot clerk to use Behrs textured wall paint. I followed the directions exactly.

Not only was it difficult to apply but when you load up the roller it would only do about 1 foot of area. About an hour after finishing the room I touched the texture just to see how it felt and it literally crumpled off the wall. So I waited over night and made sure that the walls were completely dry before touching it again and the same thing happened. So I waited a couple more days and it just kept crumbling off the walls.

I called Behr and was told it was normal for some of the texture to fall off. Only this wasn't some of the texture, it was ALL THE TEXTURE! Called Behr again and was asked to send in 3 quotes to fix the issue. Also, Behr called in a 3rd party to look at the room.

Come to find out this 3rd party works for Behr so it was a no brainer that my claim would be denied, and it was. Behr sent me a letter stating they've had no complaints on this textured paint. I've found plenty of them. I spent hundreds of dollars getting this room ready for texture only to have it ruined in a matter of days.

No more BEHR PRODUCTS for me!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $2500.


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