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I heard about this all-in-one paint and primer from Behr recently and let me tell you. Avoid it all all costs! I'll start with the caveat that I was painting a light colored bathroom wall with red paint. And I did work at a paint store for over a year. So I do have some expertise in the matter. Red paint doesn't cover well. I knew that going in. But we always told our customers to go ahead and use a primer and the first coat should get it. I figure with this trumped up Behr Ultra Premium Plus paint that one or maybe two coats would cover everything as it has primer already in it. And who came up with the name for this. You'd think a six year old named it. What sounds the most expensive? How about Behr Ultra Premium Plus Extra with Super Duper Primer. I digress. What bothers me most and the reason I am posting this on pissed consumer is four fold:

1.) The paint is really overpriced

2.) It took three coats to cover

3.) I highly doubt there is primer in it

4.) Home Depot wouldn't post my obviously incriminating review

Let me begin by saying THIS DOES NOT SAVE TIME. In fact, it turned a simple bathroom painting from a day or two job into five days. Buy paint anywhere instead of home depot. So I taped everything off and proceeded to paint. I put one coat on the trim spots and noticed it was kind of thin. I brushed it off, so to speak, and figured that's just because it hasn't dried yet. I came back around for a second pass and I still had spots where I could see the light tan colored wall. And this was after a heaping second coat of paint. So I continued slathering on the paint and finally after those three coats everything was covered up. I then went to the wall. This was the most fun. The same thing happened. In fact, I had to go over almost every square inch with a light, searching for spots that shown through. Normally covering the wall is so much easier because you can keep rolling until you get complete coverage but at a certain point I was actually just smearing the paint. I had to use three full coats of paint on a non-white wall. That's bad even for red. In fact, if there was primer in it the paint SHOULD have covered in one coat. And worse yet, when I took the tape off the wall, the paint in those spots came off with it.

Now the thing that really gets my goat is that this *** cost about $35 and I be willing to bet it's $20 quality paint at a real paint store. The store I used to work at is probably the best known paint store in America. But I don't want some to assume I work for that company still. Their middle grade paint which is routinely on sale is better than Behr's top of the line with primer. I thought I would just go to Home Depot because everything else was there already. Big mistake. This is your best paint. God help the people that buy their bargain stuff. I will not use Behr products again. And to you Home Depot: I will get my opinion out and people will learn that your paint is junk. You can't continue to create an inferior product without people realizing it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

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"Buy Behr, it's the best." That's what I kept hearing from people who obviously never bought another brand of paint. Stay away from this inferior overpriced paint.

You can get the same quality of paint from Wal Mart with their ColorPlace paint for a third of the price.

Same non adhering, two to three coats *** paint. Used it once and NEVER again!


I agree.Took 3 coats to cover a White wall with a brighter white paint.Never again!


Dry time on paint depends on the color, the humidity, and temp. Reds and deep tone colors from any paint manufacturer need lots of time to dry and set up between coats so that you don't create one very thick coat that will now take DAYS to dry.

Three coats with 12 hours in between on darker colors will give you great results.


This is why all online reviews should have an IQ pre-test. You obviously didn't know what you are doing.

Red is the worst color to paint with in a wall. Less coverage, more coats and more labor. You picked the color. Second....I suppose you did an analysis of the paint to come to the conclusion that there is no primer in it.

Well Mr Wizard do you even understand what a primer is or how it works? Third.....please post your results of using a cheap $20 paint with a red color. I would be highly entertained at your thoughts.

My advice is to not eat the paint chips when you scape them off. ***....


I totally disagree with this person. I do a lot of painting never had a problem. :zzz


He worked in a paint store so he's an expert.


Ok, here's the deal. All dark colored paint has to be mixed in a neutral base.

Often called deep base or ultra deep base. To make it easy to understand, a neutral base has no guts. It lacks the solids that a light base paint would have. A neutral base will never cover in one coat nor will it hold its color outdoors very well.

For best coverage you must use a first coat of a similar color mixed in the deepest base without going to a neutral base and then 2 coats of the final color over that. Occasionally one coat over the first coat will work but not very often. For someone who worked in a paint store you should have paid a little more attention to the products that you were selling. Of course I am not surprised, most paint store employees know absolutly nothing about the paint.

It's all by the numbers. P.S. Next time, use a putty knife to score/cut the tape edge before you pull it off.

It only takes a minute. :cry


It took him 5 days to paint a bathroom. Enough said, dont blame the paint. Read the label, it does not state anywhere that it will cover in 1 coat.


I had my whole house, single story, painted last year with a Behr paint color named "Macchiato." This is a brown color. After one year I have a mauve garage door, other areas are green and mauve including many other variations of brown, green, mauve, pink, etc.

I have been in contact with Behr. They want to "help me" with the labor cost if I use their paint. Will not use Behr paint again for obvious reasons.

I am insisting that I want Behr paint to pay for repainting my entire house. They are dragging their feet!

I would never use Behr paint again!

@Helga Hans

Did you ever get Behr to pay for the labor? We are having the same issues.

It cost us five plus thousand dollars to paint our house the first time (3 years ago). Can't afford to do that again.


This isn't an isolated issue. Just look up Behr paint on here. It seems more like bad quality across the board.


Did you even read this guy's entire review Mark? "And I did work at a paint store for over a year....Red paint doesn't cover well....But we always told our customers to go ahead and use a primer and the first coat should get it." I myself have covered with red in one coat AFTER the primer coat obviously.

But two coats for $35 is not great value for the money.

Quality paint should cover normal colors (not red of course) in one coat. I use SW stuff which has no problem with single coat coverage.


Even using the paint and primer in one I would still be surprised to see red cover in 2 coats or less, I have used this product in blue, green, yellow, and brown and had no problem with covering in 2 coats.


Did you use tinted primer? I have been painting professionally for many years and any painter knows that red is one of the few colors that must be used with a tinted primer...I always use the grey primer with red paint because it is easy to get and ready to go, or you will have to have the store tint your primer to whatever color you are painting.

Red WILL NOT cover in one coat ever and especially if you did not use a grey or tinted primer. Feel lucky it did not take 4 or 5 coats.