Binghamton, New York
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Last summer we used deck over on our camp deck. When we went to check it in the spring there was peeling all over the deck.

This deck has only had stain on it and not in 5-6 years. We did clean the deck, there was nothing loose left on it. It is very upsetting that we put so much work into the deck only to have it peel after one winter. Now we need to paint the whole thing again.

After we had finished the deck we spoke to my brother and he had the same experience with this paint. It appears this is not an unusual problem.

Now what do we do to cover this paint so the whole thing doesn't keep peeling. I have a few pictures of our deck that show the damage.

Product or Service Mentioned: Behr Paint.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Behr Cons: Deck-over.

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It may be a bad product but even I can see your deck wood is old and smooth. How is the product supposed to adhere and stay on if the deck wood is smooth and not lightly sanded for texture so that the product can grip?